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OfficialMorganBritt on Instagram – Morgan Osman is a reality TV star, designer, and influencer who recently went viral as the Im Instagram famous lady.

Osman broke the internet due to her outrageous behavior on an American Airlines flight. 

She was filmed arguing with other passengers and claiming to be “Instagram famous” before being kicked off the plane

Official Morgan Britt passed a memorable comment to one passenger filming her, telling them to “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f-cking bum.”

As she trends, we break down who is OfficialMorganBritt, the Im Instagram famous lady.

Join as as we uncover the story behind Morgan Osman, her rise to fame and her meltdown.

Who is OfficialMorganBritt – Morgan Osman?



Morgan Osman known as OfficialMorganBritt on Instagram is a reality TV star, designer, and influencer who is known for her appearance on “The Bad Girls Club”, her relationship with Sam Asghari, and her meltdown on an American Airlines flight when she hilariously called herself Instagram famous.

OfficialMorganBritt has nearly 1 million followers on her Instagram.

Morgan Osman is of American nationality although her ethnicity is unknown, as she has not revealed any information about her parents or ancestry. 

She may have a mixed ethnic background, as her surname Osman is common among people of Turkish, Arabic, or African origin.

She rose to fame initially due to her appearance on the Oxygen reality show series “The Bad Girls Club” in 2010. 

Morgan Osman was part of the fifth season, which took place in her hometown of Miami. 

She earned the nickname “The Uber B*tch” for her confrontational and aggressive personality. 

Britt’s behaviour was so over the top she was removed from the house in episode 2 after breaking into the production’s office and having a physical altercation with Brandi, Erica, and Danielle. She was replaced by Kayleigh in episode 4.

Morgan Osman also appeared on VH1’s short-lived fashion series “Miami Monkey” in 2013. She was one of the employees of the Miami branch of Big Ang’s bar. 

True to form, OfficialMorganBritt clashed with some of her co-workers, especially Cristina and Marissa.

Morgan Osman is currently a designer for the brand L’Animal Co, which sells clothing, accessories, and swimwear. 

She is also a partner at a medical spa named AFL Beauty Bar, which offers various beauty treatments and procedures.

Morgan Osman Britt also runs her own blog, fittingly named stillthatb!tch. She posts about anything she loves and her brash personality is seen permeating her posts.

Morgan Osman has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of herself in bikinis, lingerie, and dresses. 

She also shares glimpses of her travels, lifestyle, and projects.

Morgan Osman is on Instagram on officialmorganbritt

Im Instagram Famous meltdown

OfficialMorganBritt went viral in September 2023 when she was filmed having a meltdown on an American Airlines flight to Miami. 

She was seen arguing with several passengers and telling them to “shut the f–k up”. 

When she spotted one passenger filming her, she hilariously said: “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f–king bum.”

The video of Morgan Osman’s tantrum was posted on Reddit and quickly spread across social media platforms. 

Many people criticized her for her rude and entitled behavior and also mocked her for calling herself “Instagram famous” while flying coach.

Watch Morgan Osman in her memorable Im Instagram famous you bum meltdown below…

It is unclear what caused Morgan Osman’s outburst or what happened to her after she was kicked off the plane. 

Some sources said that she was drunk and that she had a dispute with the flight attendants over her mask. 

Others said that she was provoked by another passenger who called her a “b–ch” and that she was defending herself.

Morgan Osman confirmed her identity as the one in the video in a statement to the New York Post. 

She said: “Yes, it’s me.” 

She did not apologize or explain her actions, but instead seemed to enjoy the attention. She posted a screenshot of the media coverage on her Instagram story and wrote: “Front page of the Daily Mail, keep talking…”

Morgan Osman also posted a video of herself dancing and singing along to Britney Spears’ song “Piece of Me” on her Instagram account. 

She captioned it: “I’m Mrs. Oh my God that Britney’s shameless.” 

She also added the hashtags #imfamous, #imrich, and #imsorrynotsorry.

Morgan Osman received mixed reactions from her followers. Whilst some praised her for being confident and unapologetic and that she was a “queen” and a “legend” – others slammed her for being disrespectful and arrogant. 

They said that she was a “clown” and a “joke”. 

Much like Tiffany Gomas, the lady in the ‘that mfer is not real rant’ – OfficialMorganBritt is attempting to cash in on her fame as she’s hinted that she has something big in the works. 

She posted a photo of herself holding a champagne bottle on her Instagram account and captioned it: “Cheers to new beginnings.” 

She also added the hashtags #staytuned, #bigthingscoming, and #watchthisspace.

Whilst it’s not clear what her new venture would be, Morgan Osman may be planning to launch a new brand, working on a new reality show, podcast or anything of the sort.

Whatever Morgan Osman is up to, she is sure to make headlines again with her controversial and unpredictable antics. 

OfficialMorganBirtt – Morgan Osman Sam Asghari

Morgan Osman Sam Ashgari
Morgan Osman Sam Ashgari

Morgan Osman made headlines in 2021 when she claimed that she had dated Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, while he was still with the pop star. She said that she met Asghari at a club in Los Angeles in 2016 and that they had an affair for two months. She said that Asghari was “using Britney” for fame and money.

Morgan Osman even posted and quickly deleted a photo of herself kissing Asghari on Instagram. 

She captioned it: “I don’t know why everyone is attacking me. Sam Asghari is the cheater. I feel sorry for Britney Spears. He is using her.”

Asghari denied Morgan Osman’s allegations and said that he had never met her. He said that the photo was fake and that he was suing her for defamation. He also said that he loved Britney Spears and that they were happy together.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari announced their engagement in September 2021 after dating for five years. However, they filed for divorce in November 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. 

The reason for their split is unknown, but some fans speculated that it had something to do with Morgan Osman’s claims.

Morgan Osman Boyfriend

Morgan Osman aka OfficialMorganBritt’s boyfriend is believed to be Philipp Plein, one of the most active designers on Instagram.

He is very active on Instagram, posting 24 hours a day.

He not only shares in detail the restaurants he visits and the accessories he buys for his Rolls Royce, but also the sleepless nights he spends designing new models and his life with Morgan Osman.

OfficialMorganBritt Instagram & Morgan Osman Twitter

Morgan Osman twitter

Morgan Osman is on Instagram @officialmorganbritt

She has close to a million followers on the platform.

Morgan Osman is also on Twitter @itsmorganbritt

Morgan Osman is a polarizing figure who has many fans and haters. Some people admire her for being confident and unapologetic whilst others despise her for being rude and arrogant. 

Her antics have been compared to Tiffany Gomas, who also had a similar meltdown on a plane.

Known as the ‘crazy plane lady’, Gomas lost her cool on Flight 1009 from Dallas Fort Worth to Orlando on July 2nd 2023.

The viral video showed Gomas looking ‘crazed’ as she marched to the front of the plane and told fellow passengers she was disembarking because the aircraft was not safe. 

The crazy plane lady video showed Gomas telling passengers: “I’m getting the f*** off and there’s a reason…. I’m telling you right now that motherf***er back there is not real and you can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to,”

A police report of the viral airplane incident said: “The female (crazy plane lady video) then started claiming the aircraft was not safe and did not want the aircraft to leave due to her believing it would not make it to its destination,” 

“Due to the statements the flight attendants felt the aircraft needed to be rescreened. [The airline manager] explained that the passenger was denied boarding and they wanted her escorted to the public side,”

She marched off the plane but by the time TSA officers arrived to escort her back to the public side of the airport, the visibly upset woman was trying to get back on the flight. 

Dallas Fort Worth Department of Safety police officers tried to speak with a ‘distraught’ Gomas but she refused to cooperate. She was eventually escorted back to the non-secure side of the airport. 

The incident went viral and she was mocked and trolled online, forcing her to deactivate all her socials and get off the internet.

After sometime cooling off, Gomas resurfaced and in a video released an apology statement.

“I apologize and take accountability for my actions, they were uncalled for. My very worst moment was captured on video,” Crazy plane lady Tiffany Gomas captioned the apology statement video shared to her Twitter handle.

“Although the memes have been amusing, the flipside has been cruel. I’m thankful for my friends and family for supporting me through this. This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!”

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