Madison Marsh Wikipedia, Boyfriend – All About Miss Colorado 2023 Crowned Miss America

Madison Marsh, an Air Force officer and beauty queen, has been crowned as Miss America 2024 – learn about her wikipedia, boyfriend etc.

Marsh won the Miss America 2024 crown Sunday, January 14th 2024 in the contest held in Orlando, Florida.

She beat out Ellie Breaux of Texas who finished as first-runner-up and Miss Indiana Cydney Bridges who finished as second-runner-up.

Marsh has been making waves due to her status as the first Air Force officer to win a major pageant.

In this article, we present all there is to know about her.

Who is Madison Marsh Miss Colorado?

madison marsh miss america 2024

Madison Marsh is an Air Force officer and beauty queen who won Miss Colorado in May 2023 and Miss America in January 2024.

The 22-year-old is a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and the first active-duty Air Force officer to be a Miss America state titleholder.

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Marsh is also the first active-duty officer to compete for the Miss America crown.

Marsh, who hails from Fort Smith, Arkansas, graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in El Paso County, Colorado, with a degree in physics focusing on astronomy.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

It was during her time at the United States Air Force Academy that Marsh decided she wanted to compete in pageants.

According to her, she sees similarities between being in the military and participating in a pageant.

“When I put on my uniform, I serve, and I represent our country,” she said. “When I put on the crown and sash, I’m serving, representing my community.”

She also credited her time at the Air Force Academy for developing the leadership skills that won her the Miss Colorado title and later, the Miss America crown

Her bio on the Miss Colorado website reads…”

Madison Marsh is a 2023 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in physics.  

She is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force making her the first Active Duty Air Force officer to be a Miss America state titleholder.  

Madison Marsh has a boyfriend whom we would learn about a bit more below.

After her mother’s passing from pancreatic cancer in 2018, she began the Whitney Marsh Foundation with her family.  

As President and Founder, she has been able to raise more than a quarter million dollars for research with her leadership team at the foundation.  

Madison is currently a graduate intern with Harvard Medical School to utilize artificial intelligence to detect pancreatic cancer.  

She is now pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School with her national Truman Scholarship.  

In her free time, Madison enjoys flying planes, cooking pasta, and reading,”

Aside all these, other accomplishment of Madison Marsh include…

  • National Truman Scholar
  • 2-time National Astronaut Scholar
  • 8-time Dean’s List at USAFA
  • 3-time Superintendent’s List – USAFA
  • NASA Intern for gamma-ray burst research
  • National Rhodes Finalist
  • Certified Private Pilot
  • Awarded Pilot as Official Air Force Career
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo

Marsh spoke about Whitney Marsh Foundation, which she started with her family in honor of her mother, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2018.

miss colorado 2023

“My mom was a huge runner, even when she was going through chemotherapy treatments,” Marsh said. 

“When we talked about ways to raise money, we wanted it to remember who my mom was and not what cancer had made her. So we started the Whitney Marsh Foundation and specifically hosted a 5K and 10K run every year based out of our hometown in Fort Smith, Arkansas.”

The foundation has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to date, per the Miss Colorado website.

Madison Marsh Boyfriend

madison marsh boyfriend

Madison Marsh has a boyfriend of whom little is known aside from the New York Post tagging him as ‘Madison’s Marsh’s own ‘Goose’.

The paper writes of Marsh: “The modern-day “Top Gun” pilot even has her very own Goose — Marsh’s mustachioed boyfriend, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Maverick’s wingman in the hit 1986 film,”

Check out a photo of Madison Marsh boyfriend below…

Marsh won the Miss America pageant with an impressive performance.

The final four rounds of the pageant included a “hot topics” discussion round and a talent performance among others, before the five finalists out of 11 were announced.

Marsh spoke on the topic of “drugs in America” as she recalled her late mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer. For the talent round, she gave a spoken-word piece centred on receiving her pilot’s license at 16.

According to the Miss America website, the 2024 winner of the pageant will be awarded $60,000 in tuition scholarships and have the opportunity to travel the country as the Miss America brand ambassador.

More about Madison Marsh

graduated from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and was commissioned as an Air Force Officer last year.

She pursued pageant competition as an extracurricular activity, enjoying its community service and public speaking aspects. She appreciates the evolution of the pageant system, particularly in women’s fitness.

“Pageants are changing and one of the ways is in what being physically fit means to women,” Marsh explained. “For me, it’s great because I need to stay physically fit and in the gym for the military, so it already coincides with pageant training.”

From a young age, Marsh was a passionate science enthusiast, with a dream of becoming a pilot and astronaut. Her parents encouraged her, sending her to Space Camp at 13 to meet astronauts and fighter pilots.

At 15, she started flying lessons, earned her pilot’s license, and worked towards becoming a cadet.

Miss America 2024

Miss America 2024 was the 96th edition of the Miss America pageant. 

The competition was held alongside the Miss America’s Teen 2024 competition from January 6th to January 14th at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida.

Grace Stanke of Wisconsin crowned her successor Madison Marsh of Colorado at the end of the event.


Miss America 2024 will be the 96th installment of the pageant, but the 102nd Miss America anniversary. For the 2024 competition, the age limits to compete were raised to between 18 and 28.

Contestants must also be a United States resident or citizen, and meet the particular residency requirements of the states, municipalities, and districts they represent.

As part of changes made at the Miss America Scholarship Program by new CEO Robin Fleming in 2023, all state competitions and the Miss America Competition will hold a fitness competition segment, and contestants will be allowed to choose between competing in the talent competition or a speech competition called “HER Story.” 

The talent competition had previously been required since 1938.

The 2024 competition will be the first Miss America competition since 2018 where contestants will compete in a fitness category.

U.S. state contests occurred during the spring and summer of 2023.

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