Susan Wolecki [Wojcicki] Wiki, Age, Family, Son’s Death

Susan Wolecki (also Wojcicki) is an American business executive who was the CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023.

She is one of the most influential and successful women in the tech industry, and has been recognized for her leadership, innovation, and advocacy.

In this article, we look at Susan Wolecki wiki, age, family, son’s death etc

Susan Wolecki [Wojcicki] wiki

susan wolecki

Susan Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968, in Santa Clara County, California.

Her father, Stanley Wojcicki, was a Polish physics professor at Stanford University, and her mother, Esther Wojcicki, was a Russian Jewish journalist and educator.

She has two sisters, Janet and Anne, who are also accomplished professionals in their fields.

Wojcicki grew up in the Stanford campus, where she was exposed to science and technology from an early age.

She attended Gunn High School in Palo Alto, where she wrote for the school newspaper and sold spice ropes door-to-door.

She graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1990, with a degree in history and literature. She then pursued a master’s degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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youtube ceo susan wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki started her career in marketing, working for Intel, Bain & Company, and R.B. Webber & Company.

In 1998, she rented out her garage to two Stanford graduates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were working on a new search engine called Google.

She joined Google as its first marketing manager in 1999, and became instrumental in developing its advertising and revenue model.

Wocjcicki launched AdWords, the text-based ads that appear on Google search pages, and AdSense, the system that places ads on third-party websites.

She also led the acquisitions of DoubleClick, a digital advertising company, and AdMob, a mobile advertising network.

In 2006, Susan Wolecki proposed that Google should buy YouTube, a video-sharing platform that was growing rapidly in popularity.

She saw the potential of YouTube as a source of content, entertainment, and community for users and creators. Google agreed to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion, and Wojcicki became the senior vice president of advertising and commerce at Google, overseeing both Google and YouTube’s advertising businesses.

In 2014, Wojcicki was appointed as the CEO of YouTube, succeeding Salar Kamangar.

She was responsible for leading YouTube’s vision, strategy, and operations, as well as managing its global team of over 4,000 employees.

Under her leadership, YouTube grew to become one of the most visited websites in the world, with over two billion monthly active users, who watch over one billion hours of video every day.

Wojcicki expanded YouTube’s offerings to include original programming, live streaming, music, gaming, education, and more.

She also launched YouTube Premium, a subscription service that offers ad-free viewing, offline downloads, and exclusive content, and YouTube TV, a live TV streaming service that competes with cable and satellite providers.

Wojcicki also championed diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and advocated for the rights and interests of YouTube’s creators, artists, viewers, and advertisers.

She implemented policies and initiatives to address issues such as harassment, hate speech, misinformation, and copyright infringement on the platform. She also supported causes such as coding education, paid parental leave, and refugee relief.

In February 2023, Susan Wojcicki announced that she was resigning from her position as the CEO of YouTube, after 25 years of working at Google.

She said that she wanted to start a new chapter focused on her family, health, and personal projects. She was succeeded by Neal Mohan, who was the chief product officer of YouTube.

Susan Wolecki Son & family

Susan Wojcicki is married to Dennis Troper, who is also a Google executive and the director of product management.

They have five children, four daughters and one son. They live in Los Altos, California.

Wojcicki comes from a family of achievers and innovators.

Her sister, Anne Wojcicki, is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a personal genomics and biotechnology company that offers DNA testing and analysis.

Another sister, Janet Wojcicki, is a doctor of anthropology and epidemiology, who works as an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Her grandmother, Janina Wójcicka Hoskins, was a Polish-American librarian at the Library of Congress, who built the largest collection of Polish material in the U.S.

Her grandfather, Franciszek Wójcicki, was a Polish politician who was elected to the parliament in 1947.

In February 2024, Wojcicki’s son, Marco Troper, died at the age of 19.

susan wolecki son

He was a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in math.

He was found unresponsive in his dormitory, Clark Kerr Campus, and pronounced dead by the paramedics.

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The cause of his death was not confirmed, but his grandmother, Esther Wojcicki, suspected that it was a drug overdose.

She said that he ingested a drug that they did not know what was in it.

She also said that the family was devastated by the loss, and that they wanted to prevent this from happening to any other family.

Susan Wojcicki legacy

Susan Wolecki has been widely recognized and praised for her impact on the world of technology, business, and media. She has been named as one of the most powerful and influential women in the world by various publications and organizations, such as Forbes, Time, Fortune, Vanity Fair, and the World Economic Forum.

She has also received numerous awards and honors, such as the Glamour Woman of the Year Award, the Matrix Award, the Jefferson Award, and the Free Expression Award.

Wojcicki has been credited for transforming YouTube into a global phenomenon, a cultural force, and a creative economy. She has enabled millions of creators and artists to express themselves, reach new audiences, and earn a living from their work.

She has also fostered a diverse and inclusive community, where users can connect, learn, and entertain. She has also contributed to the advancement of online advertising, digital media, and mobile technology, through her innovations and acquisitions.

Wojcicki has also been a role model and a mentor for many women in the tech industry and beyond. She has broken down barriers and challenged stereotypes, proving that women can not only succeed, but excel, in male-dominated fields.

She has also supported and promoted initiatives that aim to increase the representation and participation of women and girls in STEM fields, such as Made with Code, Women Techmakers, and Girls Who Code. She has also advocated for policies and practices that support working mothers and families, such as flexible work arrangements, paid parental leave, and childcare subsidies.

Wojcicki has also used her platform and influence to raise awareness and funds for various social and humanitarian causes, such as the Syrian refugee crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the climate change crisis.

She has also donated to various charities and organizations, such as Room to Read, Khan Academy, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Susan Wolecki has left a lasting legacy and a positive impact on the world, through her vision, leadership, and actions. She has inspired and empowered millions of people, especially women and girls, to pursue their dreams and passions, and to make a difference in their communities and societies.

She has also enriched and improved the lives of billions of people, through her products, services, and content. She has truly been a copilot for the web, helping people do more than they ever thought possible.


What happened to Susan Wojcicki’s son? Susan Wojcicki’s son, Marco Troper, died aged 19 due to a suspected drug overdose.

Susan Wojcicki age – Susan Wojcicki is 55 years old in February 2024.

Susan Wojcicki salary – Susan Wojcicki’s salary at Youtube was around $374,829 monthly.

Susan Wojcicki net worth 2024 – Susan Wojcicki’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $765 million.

Susan Wojcicki education – Susan Wojcicki graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1990, with a degree in history and literature. She then pursued a master’s degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Susan Wolecki (Wojcicki) was instrumental in starting not just Google but Youtube.

YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. Accessible worldwide, it was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, three former employees of PayPal.

Headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States, it is the second most visited website in the world, after Google Search.

YouTube has more than 2.5 billion monthly users, who collectively watch more than one billion hours of videos every day.

As of May 2019, videos were being uploaded to the platform at a rate of more than 500 hours of content per minute, and as of 2023, there were approximately 14 billion videos in total.

In October 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion (equivalent to $2.22 billion in 2022).

Google’s ownership of YouTube expanded the site’s business model, expanding from generating revenue from advertisements alone to offering paid content such as movies and exclusive content produced by YouTube.

It also offers YouTube Premium, a paid subscription option for watching content without ads.

YouTube also approved creators to participate in Google’s AdSense program, which seeks to generate more revenue for both parties.

In 2021, YouTube’s annual advertising revenue increased to $28.8 billion, an increase in revenue of $9 billion from the previous year.

YouTube reported revenue of $29.2 billion in 2022.

Since its purchase by Google, YouTube has expanded beyond the core website into mobile apps, network television, and the ability to link with other platforms.

Video categories on YouTube include music videos, video clips, news, short films, feature films, songs, documentaries, movie trailers, teasers, live streams, vlogs, and more.

YouTube has had unprecedented social impact, influencing popular culture, internet trends, and creating multimillionaire celebrities.

Despite its growth and success, the platform is sometimes criticized for allegedly facilitating the spread of misinformation, the sharing of copyrighted content, routinely violating its users’ privacy, enabling censorship etc.

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