‘It’s F*cked Up, She Cheated With A Little Kid’ – Madison Bergmann’s Fiance Calls Off Wedding

Sam Hickman, the fiancé of disgraced Wisconsin teacher Madison Bergmann, has called off their nuptials.

According to him, the discovery of her cheating with a ‘little kid’ completely changed everything – meaning their July wedding is off!

Bergmann has been arrested for molestation of a child after discovery of her inappropriate relationship with an 11-year-old student.

A friend of the enraged fiancé spoke to the New York Post to announce the end of their planned nuptials.

“It’s been indefinitely postponed…And it probably won’t happen. Sam is really upset and heartbroken. He’s embarrassed and pissed. He didn’t deserve this. Everyone is pissed,” the friend said.

“He says it’s f–ked up that she cheated with a little kid…He’s really really hurt. Not talking too much about it, just like ‘this is f–ked up’.

““He’s still in shock,” he continued. “Not only did she cheat on him, but she cheated with a little kid.”

Madison Bergmann, a a fifth-grade teacher at River Crest Elementary School, has been arrested and charged with first-degree s*xual assault with a child under 13.

Bergmann, 24, is accused of talking and texting with a child aged 11. They reportedly kissed ‘several times’ and talked about having s*x.

The child’s parents reported the incident to the school after finding text messages on his phone.

According to subsequent reports, Bergmann and the victim exchanged notes talking about kissing each other and inappropriately touching each other.

“I do love you more than anyone in the world,” Bergmann said in one of her notes to her victim.

Charging documents reportedly said that Bergmann’s notes tell the boy “she loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on and that she is obsessed with him.”

In one of the letters, Madison Bergmann allegedly questioned her relationship with the fifth-grader. “One of my cousins is in the 5th grade and I can’t imagine a man talking to her how we talk. I know we have a special relationship and I do love you more than anyone in the world, but I have to be the adult here and stop.”

She was released on $25,000 bond and ordered not to have any contact with the victim or any child below 18.

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