Bryan Boyer, 4-Year-Old Beaten to Death by Adopted Mother in Florida

A Davenport, Florida woman, Patricia Saintizaire, has been arrested after beating her 4-year-old son, Bryan Boyer, to death.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says Bryan suffered ‘horrible’ abuse at the hands of Saintizaire, who adopted him and his older teen brother from Haiti.

“We have a video clip where that 3-year-old baby’s hands were tied behind its back, and she threw him in the swimming pool in the backyard,” Judd said.

On May 1, Judd said Bryan got off the bus and his 16-year-old brother noticed he looked happy, but as the day went on, the teenager noticed the little boy was lethargic and unresponsive.
According to Judd, Saintizaire told the teen that Bryan was ‘faking it’ and to give him something to eat.

Judd said the teen fed Bryan, but he could not keep food down and went unconscious. That’s when investigators said the teen kept saying the boy needed to go to the hospital.
Saintizaire took him to a hospital in Haines City and the facility sent him to Orlando Health where he died.

“We found injuries that this child has been beaten,” Judd said.

“We found an injury where his liver suffered a tear, and the medical examiner said it could be nothing else other than an immediate hard strike to the abdomen and as the autopsy went on, they found different layers of bruises and injuries from past beatings, and he’s dead. He’s dead because she beat him to death.”

Saintizaire has been charged with murder and aggravated child abuse and the case is still under investigation.

Judd said what detectives learned while investigating the case is ‘stomach-turning’, referencing another video clip that was on the suspect’s phone in which the child was face-down on the floor, and she’s beating him in the back, and he’s not even resisting it as though it is a normal occurrence.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Saintizaire’s 16-year-old son is now in protective custody and added that the teen told detectives he was told to lie to investigators about what happened.

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