Who is Alonzo Wyatt? Villa Rica High School Counselor Arrested for Inappropriate Relationships with Students

Alonzo Wyatt is a Villa Rica High School counselor who has been arrested after engaging in inappropriate relationships with students.

Alonzo Wyatt, 30, of Villa Rica is accused of having s*xual relations with one student on multiple occassions as well as inappropriately molesting two other students.

He has been arrested and charged with six counts of of improper sexual contact by a school employee and one count of criminal attempt.

The case has sparked consternation amongst parents and guardians over the abuse of power by a school employee.

Many are also on the lookout for details about the case and we present them below.

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Who is Alonzo Wyatt Villa Rica?

alonzo wyatt

Alonzo Wyatt is a Villa Rica High School counselor who has been arrested after engaging in inappropriate relationships with students.

The 30-year-old had apparently been engaging in s*xual relationships with his students.

Initially, Alonzo Wyatt was accused of engaging in a s*xual relationship with one student on multiple occasions.

During the investigation however, two other victims who were being counseled by Wyatt were identified.

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The investigation found that during counseling sessions, Wyatt made inappropriate comments to the two students, solicited them for s*x and groped them.

Wyatt has been charged with six counts of improper sexual contact by a school employee and one count of criminal attempt.

Following his arrest, the Villa Rica Police Department released a statement detailing their findings.

“On February 16, 2024, the Carroll County School District notified the Villa Rica Police Department of an allegation that had been made to them in reference to a Villa Rica High School employee being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student,” the statement begins.

“The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) identified the suspect as 30-year-old Alonzo Wyatt, a full-time counselor at Villa Rica High School.

“The investigation initially revealed that Mr. Wyatt had engaged in a sexual relationship with a student at the high school on multiple occasions.

“During the investigation of this relationship, two other victims were identified. Thus far, the investigation into the additional victims found that they were being counseled by Mr. Wyatt.

“During the counseling, Mr. Wyatt made inappropriate comments, solicited them for s*x, and groped them.

“The Villa Rica Police Department is actively continuing the investigation as information becomes available.

“Currently Mr. Wyatt has been charged with 6 counts of Improper Sexual Contact by a School Employee 16-6-5.1 and 1 count of Criminal Attempt 16-4-1 to commit 16-6-5.1.

This investigation revealed a pattern of predatory behavior by Mr. Wyatt. He was in a position of trust at the school and students depended on him for assistance, advice, and safety.

“Mr. Wyatt clearly and continuously broke that trust and preyed on the students that he was in charge of supervising and assisting.

“This case has taken some time to investigate due to all the complex digital cell phone evidence and numerous victims and witnesses.

“The police department would like to encourage parents and guardians to have a conversation with your students to ensure they have not witnessed or experienced any concerning behaviors while being counseled by Mr. Wyatt.

“If any concerns are discovered please contact Sgt. Brian Finley at 678-840-1314 or [email protected].”

alonzo wyatt villa rica

Alonzo Wyatt becomes the latest teacher arrested for inappropriate student relationships

Alonzo Wyatt joins the wall of shame of teachers engaging in inappropriate relationships with students that already has so many names.

Reagan Anderson, a former teacher at Holly Hill Academy in South Carolina, was arrested for allegedly having an illicit relationship with a 17-year-old student.

The allegations against her include s*xual battery charges, and she is accused of preying on the minor student.

The teenager’s mother claimed that Anderson had sent inappropriate images to him on social media platforms.

Authorities first received the report regarding the allegations on November 8, 2023.

Anderson allegedly met the minor student at a Pizza Hut store in October, shortly after which she established the illicit relationship.

She has been charged with two counts of s*xual battery with the 17-year-old victim.

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The judge granted her a surety bond of $2,500 after appearing in court.

Another teacher who followed the Alonzo Wyatt model was Tracy Vanderhulst.

Tracy Vanderhulst
Tracy Vanderhulst

Tracy Vanderhulst, a former “teacher of the year,” made headlines due to her arrest for alleged inappropriate conduct with a 16-year-old student.

Vanderhulst was a Math teacher at Yucaipa High School in California who was arrested for unlawful s*xual intercourse involving a minor.

She was released on $30,000 bail.

Vanderhulst was honored as “teacher of the year” in 2017.

The school described her as an educator who epitomizes qualities desired for children’s growth, engaging students from intervention classes to honors classes.

Authorities believe there may be additional victims and are continuing their investigation.

Carroll County School District

Villa Roca High School where Alonzo Wyatt carried out his reign of terror is located in the Carroll County School District.

The Carroll County School District is a public school district in Carroll County, Georgia, United States, based in Carrollton.

It serves the communities of Bowdon, two thirds of unincorporated Bremen, Mount Zion, Roopville, Temple, Villa Rica, and Whitesburg.

In 2015 the district announced that it will begin randomly drug test students at its high schools; students may be drug tested if they participate in extracurricular programs, including athletic and non-athletic ones, and persons who drive automobiles to school.

The Carroll County School District has twelve elementary schools, six middle schools, and five high schools.

High Schools include Bowdon High School, Central High School, Mount Zion High School, Temple High School, and Villa Rica High School.

The Carroll County Schools Performing Arts Center was opened in 2017 to accommodate various needs of the school district.

Designed as a music hall, the school system claims the venue as “the most acoustically calibrated facility in the western portion of Georgia”.

The auditorium can seat up to 1,100 people and hosts multiple side rooms for district staff meetings and exhibitions.

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