Savanah Sotos Family Mourn As Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Matthew Guerra Found Dead

Savanah Sotos family is in mourning after the pregnant teen was found dead alongside her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra.

Savanah Soto, 18, was last seen in a Kia Optima around 2 p.m. Friday on the 6000 block of Grissom Road in Leon Valley.

On Tuesday night, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said two bodies were found dead in an Optima belonging to Soto’s boyfriend. 

The bodies may have been in the car for three or four days, he said.

“There are two people in the car. … They are deceased,” McManus said near the crime scene. 

“We believe that it is the missing woman and her boyfriend.”

The bodies will be officially identified by the medical examiner.

savannah soto brother

McManus said they’re treating the case as a possible murder as detectives found the crime scene “very perplexing”.

Soto’s disappearance had earlier triggered a CLEAR Alert.

The CLEAR Alert was created in 2019 to help law enforcement find and rescue missing, kidnapped or abducted adults who are in immediate danger of injury or death, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

CLEAR stands for Coordinated Law Enforcement Adult Rescue.

Savanah Sotos family and friends had gathered Monday night at the last place she was seen before going missing. 

They drove around a nearby area looking for any sign of her.

“It’s a Merry Christmas but it’s not too merry for us,” Savanah’s Grandmother Rachel Soto said.

“It’s a Merry Christmas but it’s not too merry for us,” Savanah’s Grandmother Rachel Soto said.

“I just want her home. I’m worried about the baby if she’s even had the baby,” Cordova said.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as Savannah and her boyfriend where found dead.

Police announced Thursday, December 28th that the case was being investigated as a capital murder case for both individuals.

Authorities also said they were looking for two persons of interest.

18-year-old full-term pregnant teen Savanah Soto and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, were discovered dead in a Kia Optima in San Antonio on Tuesday.

An unborn child was also found deceased, police said.

The vehicle had been at that location for likely several days, police said.

In the days following the discovery, the medical examiner has positively identified the victims as Soto and Guerra and revealed both victims had a gunshot wound.

During a press briefing Thursday, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said right now, police do not believe this to be a murder-suicide though the chief noted “that possibility exists.”

Police released footage on Thursday of two persons of interest being sought in connection with the case. One was captured driving the victims’ Kia Optima, and the other was seen driving a dark-colored pickup truck, police said.

Persons of interest

The person of interest in the pickup truck is seen talking to the driver of the victims’ car. McManus said they do not believe either victim appears in the video.

McManus had called the case “very, very perplexing” following the discovery of the bodies.

“It was undetermined at that time whether we were going to be looking at it as a murder-suicide, or as a capital-murder investigation,” he said Thursday.

“I think we’ve gotten past that point right now, unless we get evidence that would lead us to believe otherwise.”

Tragically, Cordova and Savannah had suffered a tragedy several years earlier when her brother Ethan Soto also died.

“She knows what I went through with Ethan and I know she wouldn’t want me to go through this again. Come home I just want her to come home I just want her to call me and told me she’s ok,” Cordova said.

For now, the family is in mourning after police confirming Savannah and her boyriend Matthew Guerra were found dead.

According to News 4 San Antonio, court records show Savanah Sotos boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, was on probation for assaulting Soto on Christmas day in 2022.

San Antonio Police aren’t ready to say what kind of case detectives have on their hands, much less who might be responsible for the deaths, but court records show Guerra was charged with assaulting Soto and was granted probation in that case. 

Probation was scheduled to end in June of 2024, but Guerra had picked up new charges that appear to be unrelated to the assault, including unlawful carry of a weapon, evading arrest in a vehicle and reckless driving, court documents show.

Meanwhile, Matthew Guerra’s parents, Raquel and Gabriel Guerra, mourned the death of the duo.

“Our lives our forever changed. We will never be able to hold our Grandson Fabian . 

“We so anxiously awaited his arrival.Our children are devasted to lose their brother, sister in law Savannah ,and nephew. We lost our Son, Daughter in law Savanah and Grandson in a day! Please keep Savannah Soto’s family in your prayers .🙏

“We have been working with Leon Valley Police department since the beginning ,consistently behind the scenes. 

“For the concern /safety of our daughter Briana, due to severity of the case. We have been In contact with Savanah’s mother and father so they are aware of this. 

“We were at leon Valley Police department this morning working with detectives as well. This is still an ongoing investigation,”

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