Onyinye Okafor Husband, Biography, Net Worth, Instagram

Onyinye Okafor is a Nigerian actress who has become famous in the Nollywood movie industry – learn all about her biography, husband, net worth and more!

Okafor is known for being beautiful and talented as well as for having a tough life story.

In this article, we take a look at Onyinye Okafor’s biography, net worth, husband, Instagram, old pictures etc

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Onyinye Okafor Biography

onyinye okafor

Onyinye Okafor was born in Abeokuta, Ogun state in southwest Nigeria, the first child of Mr and Mrs Okafor.

Although born in Ogun State, Onyinye hails from Imo State.

She attended Queens Nursery/Primary School, Alagbado, Lagos for her elementary education and then proceeded to Elonam Secondary School, Alagbado and later Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye where she bagged a degree in Mass Communication.

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According to Onyinye, her childhood was very tough because they were poor.

She had to hustle as a first child by hawking and peeling egusi, so the family can eat.

Due to this, she left school for years for her siblings to go to schoola ahead of her.

According to her, she also had to battle to continue her education because her father did not believe in women going to school.

Onyinye Okafor said in an interview: “I broke that chain in my family. I’m the first female graduate in my village. It wasn’t easy because I had to do a lot of things.

“I had some rough past. I was forced to do something, came out with lots of issues, and it wasn’t really nice. But today, I give God the glory because they all made me strong,”

Onyinye Okafor had a passion for acting and singing since her childhood.

As a child, she used to sing and act in Catholic church, making a name for herself as the Mother Mary during times when they acted the drama Passion for Christ.

onyinye okafor biography

Whilst known as an actress, most people don’t know that Onyinye Okafor was also a beauty queen.

During her youth, she competed in Miss Galaxy pageant which is when she fell in love with the being on television/film.

Onyinye Okafor thus followed her new passion for acting and registered as a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Lagos Chapter in 2003 and started going for auditions.

She acted in two films, Day of Atonement and The Cornel, before taking a break to finish her university education.

She returned to the industry in 2011 and has since appeared in several movies.

Onyinye Okafor’s first movie was My Wife’s Wish with Ken Erics. According to her, she was very nervous and didn’t perform well and a very top Nigerian actress scolded her for being a terrible actress.

“…The person I was to act with gave me a tough time. She said I could not act. I cried and vowed never to act again. I don’t want to mention her name because she’s a top actress.

“I was crying and shaking seriously. Nonso Diobi, who was also on the set, called me and said, ‘calm down, you will be a very good actor’. I had this thing with stammering, and that time it was worse, I was so scared. The person I was acting with put me in a very uncomfortable situation, but all that is now history,” she said.

Regarding her personal life, Onyinye Okafor is also a mother of four boys with her ex husband having faced a lot of challenges and opposition from her in-laws.

She also previously worked in an office and as an importer but none could match her passion for acting.

Onyinye Okafor is one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nigeria and has won several awards and nominations. She is not to be confused with another Onyinye Okafor, who is a Lagos-based lawyer.

Onyinye Okafor husband

onyinye okafor welcomed four kids with her husband

Onyinye Okafor got married in 2009 while in her third year at the university and had her first child, a twin, that same year.

However, she faced a lot of challenges and opposition from her in-laws, who wanted her to drop out of school and sell palm oil in the market.

She refused and continued her education, but later divorced her husband. She is now a proud mother of four lovely boys.

She said about her marriage: “That year (2009), I had my first child, a twin that almost destroyed my life. In fact, they (my in-laws) told me to leave school and come and be selling palm oil in the Ajegunle market.

“They said their brother was not meant to sponsor me through school because he’s the only son among six sisters; they were all jealous. It wasn’t funny. Can you imagine, in my final year, they said I should leave school and start selling palm oil in the market. I said, ‘To hell with you, I’m going to be a graduate!’ It was a battle, but I’m a survivor, I’m always a survivor,”

In 2024, Onyinye Okafor announced that she is once again engaged to be married, sparking jubilation all across social media.

Onyinye Okafor parents

onyinye okafor parents

Onyinye Okafor’s parents are Mr and Mrs Okafor.

Whilst they are now influential in her life, Onyinye Okafor said her father has not always been supportive.

According to Onyinye Okafor, her father thought actresses were pr*stitutes who that she will never find a husband.

“My mother has always supported me, even till date. My father was like, ‘no wonder you will not marry, akwuna kwuna, ash#wo’,” she said in an interview.

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“One day, I was going for audition and my father saw me at the bus stop wearing spaghetti. He tore it and dragged me with my bra from the bus stop to the house. But right now, I’m the sugar in his tea.

“He keeps saying, ‘if I had known I would have supported you’, but I tell him there’s no time that is late. He said he thought actresses are prostitutes and do not marry. My mom was always like, ‘what will I say, your father is the head’. But now, my father fights my battle for me,”

Onyinye Okafor movies and tv shows

Onyinye Okafor has appeared in several movies, such as Retaliation, Day of Atonement, The Cornel, My Wife’s Wish, Mrs Trouble, Uneven, Amaka Must Go, Money and Blood, Ijeuwa, Sabina Makosa, Malaysian Money, Bad Omen and The Anointed Bride.

She is known for playing hard and tough characters, but in reality, she is a very soft person.

Net worth

Onyinye Okafor’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. She is estimated to be one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nigeria.

She has won several awards and nominations, such as the City People Movie Award for Best New Actress of the Year (English) in 20174. She is also a brand ambassador for some products and services.


onyinye okafor instagram

Onyinye Okafor is on Instagram @officialonyinyeokafor

She has almost 400,000 followers on the platform.

Old pictures

Check out some old pictures of Onyinye Okafor below

onyinye okafor old pictures

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