Who Is Maureen Nwokobia? Lagos Big Girl Trending After Buying New Car And Office Over N100m

Maureen Nwokobia, a popular Lagos big girl and Instagram influencer, is trending after buying a new car and an office worth over N100m.

Maureen caused a stir after taking to social media to express joy over her new purchases at the very young age of 23!

Sharing photos of her new possessions, the Lagos big girl wrote: “Being able to achieve one of my biggest goals at just 23 years old makes me so grateful to God. Being a home owner! Opening my store and clinic @maufire.essentials Owning multiple landed properties… where do I begin my appreciation.

“Thank you God for seeing it through. Thank you mummy for guiding me through it all. Thank you baby 🥰🥰 for making my dreams come true! I doubted myself many times, but something in me just kept reassuring me (check last slide)

“I manifested my dream business! I just have one advice for young girls like me who have dreams “Don’t be scared of taking risks and a chance on yourself, If you strongly believe in something, don’t let people’s opinions deter you”


Popular DJ Big N hit back at Maureen, claiming she should stop bragging because he knows her benefactor.

“Some of us know your benefactors ooo…Easy with the motivational speeches and grass to grace stories. Afterall, what God cannot do,” he wrote.

maureen nwokobia dj big n

An angry Maureen clapped back: “Focus on your dying career and not on who someone’s benefactor is..”


This raised an entire hullabaloo on social media and kept Maureen Nwokobia in the trends, leaving people scrambling to find out more about the latest miraculous Lagos millionaire.

Who Is Maureen Nwokobia?

who is maureen nwokobia

Maureen Nwokobia is a social media influencer, entrepreneur and popular Lagos big girl who is popularly known as Maureen NW.

She shot to national prominence after sharing new photos of her car and office worth over N100m and talking about her struggle to acquire them.

Maureen lives a very posh life and is popular on social media for sharing high-class photos from exotic locations around the world.

She is an influencer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and runs her own cosmetic and skincare business known as Maufire.

Maureen Nwokobia Age

Maureen nw age

Maureen Nwokobia is 23 years old.


Nwokobia studied architecture at the University of Nsukka, graduating with honours in 2018.

She is a certified architect.


She is the Chief Executive Officer of Maufire Essentials, a skincare/cosmetic line.


Maureen Nwokobia has a hidden partner, a boyfriend she has yet to unveil to the world.

Maureen Nwokobia Net Worth

Maureen’s net worth is currently over N100million. She makes her revenue from endorsement deals, influencer deals and from her skincare company.

Maureen NW Instagram

Maureen Nwokobia can be found on Instagram @ maureen.nw

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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