Nigerian Onye Lucky Arrested in India for Possession of Drugs Worth N36m

A Nigerian national in India, Onye Lucky, has been arrested by Anti-Narcotics police for possession of N36m worth of drugs.

The Anti-Narcotics Cell of Goa Police arrested the Nigerian on Wednesday, March 23rd 2021.

Police picked up Onye Lucky in Mollem Bhat in Saligao, a town in the Indian State of Goa.

Times of India reports, Lucky had in his possession two different narcotics substances – LSD liquid and MDMA.

He had 64.9 grams of LSD liquid and 20.4 grams of MDMA in his possession.

Together, the two drugs have a street value of Rs 66.9 lakh ($88,000, N36m).

Nigerian Onye Lucky arrested in India over drugs

Onye Lucky (file photo)
Nigerian arrested in India over drugs (file photo)

Police arrested the 47-year-old based on a tip-off.

PSI Rohan Madgaonkar received information that the Nigerian had drugs in his possession.

PSI Madgaonkar led a police team to raid an eatery in Mollem Bhat, Saligao.

Police arrested Lucky at the eatery with the drugs in his possession.

He remains in custody awaiting trial.

Nigerian Arrested with Cocaine and Heroin Jailed 12 Years in India

In a similar story, Nigerian Tobi Moise received a 12-year jail sentence for drug trafficking in India.

Tobi also received a fine of Rs 1,000,000 (N5.3m), in default of which he would serve two more months in prison.

Samrala police arrested Tob in November 2018 with 1.5kilograms of heroin and 15-grams of cocaine.

In court, the Nigerian pleaded for mercy, arguing this is his first offence and is the only breadwinner for his wife and two kids, but the judge declined.


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