Two Nigerian Men in the U.S Jailed 4 Years and 18 Months Respectively for ‘Romance Scam’

Two Nigerian men living in New Jersey in the United States have been sentenced to prison for an online ‘romance scam’.

Paulinus Ebhodaghe and Ohimai Ashikhia have both been sentenced to four years and 1.5 years imprisonment respectively.

They were arrested and tried for helping launder hundreds of thousands of dollars that were swindled out of innocent victims of their ‘romance scheme’.

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One of the most popular scam forms, the ‘romance scam’ sees the scammer assume a false identity and use it to get close to someone romantically in order to swindle them of cash.

Ebhodaghe and Ashikhia both pleaded guilty to money laundering charges and were sentenced.

In related news, A Nigerian man in Canada, Ayoola Ajibade, has been convicted of fraud after trying to dupe an entire town.

Ajibade, an Uber Driver in Brampton, Ontario, nearly made away with $500,000 from his scam.

He was nabbed by authorities when he tried to wire some of the money outside of Canada.

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He was arraigned before court, tried for fraud and has now been found guilty.

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