Nigerian Tobi Moise Jailed for 12 Years in India After Being Arrested with Cocaine and Heroin

A Nigerian in India, Tobi Moise, has been jailed for 12-years for drug trafficking by a local court headed by judge Amrinder Pal Singh.

According to reporting from the Times of India, Tobi also received a fine of Rs1,000,00 (N5.3m), in default of which he would serve two more months in prison.

According to the report, Tobi was arrested by the Samrala police in November 2018 with 1.5kilograms of heroin and 15-grams of cocaine.

Tobi was reportedly travelling with a bag that day when he spotted a police team around Neelon Canal Bridge.

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Upon spotting the officers, he reportedly turned and tried to run but was arrested.A search of his bag recovered the drugs.

Whilst being sentenced, the Nigerian pleaded that this is his first offence and as the only breadwinner for his wife and two kids, prayed for the court to have mercy.

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In its ruling, the judge declined.

“These persons are spoiling lives of youngsters by supplying drugs for earning profits and also playing with their lives. Daily in newspapers we notice deaths of drug addicts due to overdose and also their acts or misdeeds done to fulfil their need for drugs. They do not spare even their close relatives and family members. It is a menace, which should be curbed strictly. So, he does not deserve any leniency.” Amrinder Pal Singh wrote in his judgement.


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