Liv Cook Newport Harbor – Who Is Josh Giddey Girl?

Liv Cook Newport Harbor is an underage high school student who is allegedly the girl of OKC star Josh Giddey – learn everything about her!

Newport Harbor Liv Cook is allegedly 15 years old and dating Giddey! That has social media in an uproar and could potentially lead to some very damaging consequences for the talented Australian guard.

However, the situation is very fluid. No one has confirmed the high school student’s alleged age and the allegations against Josh Giddey are coming from an anonymous account, so caution is advised in believing everything they say.

Still, the issue is a trending one and as people need information, we deliver it.

In this article we present all the information we’ve gathered about Liv Cook Newport Harbor, Josh Giddey’s rumoured underage girlfriend!

Liv Cook Newport Harbor

liv cook newport harbor

Liv Cook is an American high school student who is allegedly dating National Basketball Association (NBA) star Josh Giddey.

Outed as only 15 years of age (allegedly), definitely too young to be dating an NBA star, Liv Cook is a student of Newport Harbor High School a public high school in Newport Beach, in Orange County, California, in the United States.

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Currently a junior, Liv Cook is reportedly a volleyball player for the school.

Some of Liv Cook’s interests are outlined in an entry from her sophomore yearbook which popped up online.

The entry reads: “Sophomore Princess Liv Cook is being escorted by her father, Don Cook. Her favorite class is Geometry with Ms. Hasson.

“Liv Cook is new to Newport Harbor but is excited to make new memories here. Her favorite part of Newport Harbor is the classes since there are so many to choose from. 

“Liv plays volleyball at Newport Harbor and can’t wait to get involved in more as the year progresses. Liv likes to hang out with her friends in her free time,”

The youngster suddenly found herself the topic of national interest when she was allegedly outed as the underage girlfriend of Josh Giddey.

A private Instagram account called ‘OC Beers’ which had dedicated itself to exposing Giddey first made the accusations.

The page had in its bio: “Josh Giddey exposed,”

Posts shared to ‘expose Josh Giddey’ include one video in which his arms wrapped around Liv Cook Newport Harbor while he records a video for her brother. 

“What’s up man, it’s Josh. Here with your beautiful sister. Good luck for your season, heard you going to Sacramento for a game. We’re going to come up and watch, take care of business,” Giddey reportedly said.

There’s also a picture, seemingly from Snapchat, where Giddey has wrapped his arms around her neck.

“Me and my girl, we’re about to head back to mine,” Giddey said in the since deleted posts.

The screenshots and videos were shared to X after the original Josh Giddey exposed account from Instagram shut down.

“Josh Giddey from the OKC thunder with an under-age girl. First video he is talking to her brother. This is Disgusting and this man needs to be punished,” X user @wstgoat7 said as he shared the material.

“We can’t let this go under the surface any longer. This needs to be seen. Girl is a junior in high school,”

liv cook newport harbor josh giddey

Things got worse for Josh Giddey when another photo from Snapchat of him and the allegedly underage minor surfaced on X. 

In the picture, Josh Giddey is seen posing next to Liv Cook Newport Harbor with an NSFW caption.

“Just f**ked Josh Giddey,” Liv Cooke allegedly captioned the post.

Liv Cook Newport Habor Josh Giddey

liv cook age josh giddey

The worst of this Josh Giddey story is still yet to come though!

In a new development, a rumored video of Liv Cook Newport Harbor, Giddey’s alleged girlfriend, has surfaced, showing the High school student admitting to dating the NBA star.

Giddey has not formally addressed it yet, and many are waiting for him to do so but its clear as day that Liv Cook has acknowledged dating Giddey.

This means if Liv Cook’s age, which is currently being alleged as 15 is confirmed, Josh Giddey would be in serious trouble.

In the video, Liv Cook Newport Harbor acknowledged dating Josh Giddey as they were at a party and she seemed pretty excited to admit it.

“Hey guys! I’m dating Josh, we don’t have to talk about it,” the school student said.

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“Josh giddey bro this ain’t good #minor,” X user @sppeedwayy wrote as he shared the video to the platform.

Meanwhile, amidst all this backlash, Josh Giddey has blacked out his Instagram display picture. 

He also blocked the comments section after fans tried to call him out over dating the underage Newport Harbor Liv Cook.

Meanwhile, the NBA has announced it is looking into the allegations against Giddey.

Popular NBA journalist, Shams Charania reports: “The NBA is looking into the allegations of Oklahoma City’s Josh Giddey having inappropriate relationship with a minor that have emerged on social media, league spokesman Mike Bass said,”

Josh Giddey and Livvy Cook Newport Beach

liv cook newport beach

Since the viral news about Josh Giddey and Livvy Cook, Newport Beach PD has opened an investigation into the NBA player.

The investigation is to determine if any such relationship existed between the two.

According to TMZ Sports: “Newport Beach PD is currently investigating the allegations involving Giddey made on social media over the past week … to see if there is any validity to the claims and if any laws were broken,”
The NBA has also announced it is looking into the matter but in the meantime, Giddey has been suiting up and playing for the Thunder.

Meanwhile, TMZ Sports reported in a recent story that the family of Liv Cook Newport Harbor are refusing to cooperate with Newport Beach PD’s inquiry into Josh Giddey.

TMZ alleges no one in the family is willing to talk to police to establish what relationship, if any, existed between Liv Cook Newport Beach and Josh Giddey.

Liv Cook Instagram

An Instagram account for Liv Cook Newport Harbor could not be found.

Social media users are also dropping hilarious reactions to the news.

“Bro averaging 14 on and off the court,” one social media user said.

“Fun fact: the youngest player to hit a triple double (Josh Giddey) and the oldest one (Karl Malone) both sl#pt with minors,” another user said!

Check other reactions below…

Josh Giddey

Josh Giddey is an Australian professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. 

In the midst of a great season, Giddey is now facing allegations of dating a minor identified as Liv Cook Newport Harbor.

Giddey was born in Melbourne, Australia, and played for the Adelaide 36ers and the NBA Global Academy before joining the Thunder in 2021. 

He is the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double and the first player since Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson to record three consecutive triple-doubles as a rookie.

Josh Giddey did not have a typical route to the NBA as he did not play college basketball. 

He turned down multiple Division I offers, including from Arizona, and went straight to the NBA from Australia. 

Giddey signed with the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL) as a part of the league’s Next Stars program to develop NBA draft prospects, and he became the first Australian player to be a part of the program. 

He played for the Adelaide 36ers for one season before joining the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2021. 

Giddey was the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft

Josh Giddey’s playstyle is characterized by his versatility, vision, and creativity. 

He is a 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m) guard who can play multiple positions and handle the ball well. 

Giddey is an excellent passer who can find his teammates with pinpoint accuracy and flair whilst also being a crafty scorer who can finish at the rim, shoot from mid-range, and occasionally hit the three-pointer. 

He is not a great defender, but he uses his size and length to rebound and disrupt passing lanes.

Giddey and his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates are performing well in the NBA 2024 season which he’s threatening to derail with his entanglement with Liv Cook Newport Harbor.

The Thunder have a current record of 10-4, which puts them in the first place in the Northwest Division and the second place in the Western Conference. 

They have won six of their last seven games, including a 112-108 victory over the Chicago Bulls on November 23, 2023. 

The Thunder are led by their star guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who is averaging 26.1 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 8.9 assists per game.

SGA, as Gilgeous-Alexander is known, also has support from a talented young core that includes Josh Giddey, the 2021 Rookie of the Year runner-up, who is averaging 15.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game; Chet Holmgren, the 2022 No. 2 overall pick, who is averaging 12.9 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per game1; and Jalen Williams, the 2023 No. 3 overall pick, who is averaging 14.0 points and 1.4 steals per game.

Newport Harbor High School

According to Wikipedia, “Newport Harbor High School is a public high school in Newport Beach, in Orange County, California, in the United States. 

It is part of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. 

The school primarily serves students in western Newport Beach and southern Costa Mesa.

Roughly 2260 students enroll across grades 9-12 (2021). 

59% of students are White, 35% Hispanic, and 6% other.

82 full-time faculty teach across 9 departments,”

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