Mike Tomlin Rapper in Pittsburgh Killed – What Happened to Tomlinese?

Mike Tomlin Tomlinese, a talented upcoming rapper and producer on the Pittsburgh music scene, has been killed.

Tomlin and a friend, Jerry Gardner, were both shot and killed over the weekend in Pittsburgh. Police are yet to make an arrest in either case.

Friends and loved ones of the duo have been on social media mourning their loss. Tomlin was described as a lovely person who was a joy to be around and certainly didn’t deserve being shot and killed.

Read on to below to find out more about what happened to Mike Tomlin Rapper.

Mike Tomlin Rapper Pittsburgh


Mike Tomlin,  also known as Tomlinese, a talented upcoming rapper and producer on the Pittsburgh music scene, was shot and killed over the weekend.

Allegheny County police revealed a man had been shot dead after a shooting near Franklin Avenue and Midland Street in Wilkinsburg late on the night of Saturday, May 27th 2023.

Police had yet to identify the victim but friends and family identified the victim killed as rapper Mike Tomlin.

It came just a few days after police found the body of his close friend shot dead as well.

Reporter Lauren Linder broke the news, writing: “#DEVELOPING: Close friends tell me Mike Tomlin died in Sat. night #Wilkinsburg shooting. @AlleghenyCoPD say happened on Franklin Ave, no one in custody. Friends tell me Mike was a singer, rapper & producer thriving in #Pittsburgh music scene, & dipping his toes nationally.”

She added: “#MORE: Shooting death of Mike Tomlin in Wilkinsburg came a few days after @PghPolice @PghPublicSafety found the body of his close friend, Jerry Gardner. Both left behind a major impact on the local music community No arrests in Jerry’s case either,”

Speaking to reporters, a friend of Tomlin, Jamal Campbell, said he was a wonderful person to be around.

Campbell, a promoter, met Mike Tomlin when the rapper was only 19 years old and was so impressed with his talent he gave him opportunities to perform at parties and events through his entertainment company and his music label.

“Tomlin was just a true, loving spirit, an energized spirit, where anybody that came around him just loved him,” Campbell said. “He used to do events with us, sing, rap, all types of different stuff, and then became a producer.”

Tomlin later introduced another artist to Campbell and they almost did everything together – that was Jerry Gardner – who has also been killed.

“They were like brothers…It’s a big loss for the city, for the city in general, like for both of them to be gone within a short period of time. They didn’t live their life that long, but while they were here, they enjoyed it to the fullest.” he added.

“He’ll be here forever because his music is here, and he’s in our hearts,” Campbell concluded.

The public is asked to call the Allegheny County Police Department if they have information on Tomlin. County police can be reached at 412-473-1200. Additionally, if you have any information on Gardner, you’re asked to call the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police at 412-323-7800.

Tips can be submitted anonymously through 1-833-ALL-TIPS.

Did Mike Tomlin Die?

did mike tomlin die?

Rapper Mike Tomlin, also known as Tomlinese, of Pittsburgh, was shot and killed over the weekend in Wlkinsburg.

Sharp nosed readers would have noticed Mike Tomlin rapper shares a name with a certain famous football coach.

Naturally, questions are being asked – did Mike Tomlin die? What happened to Mike Tomlin?

Mike Tomlin, a rapper and producer on the Pittsburgh music scene, is dead.

Mike Tomlin the NFL coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers is very much alive.

The rapper Mike Tomlin, also known as Tomlinese, was shot and killed late Saturday, May 27th, in Wilkinsburg.

The shooting has shocked the city, with almost everyone who knew the rapper and producer in intense shock.

Portia Foxx,  a former radio personality who worked with Tomlin at WAMO 107.3, said he would be sadly missed.

She profusely praised the late rapper, saying he had the ‘it’ factor.

“He was really like the triple threat,” Foxx said. “He could sing, he could rap, he could produce. He was all-in when it came to his craft.”

“He made every day coming in there fun,” Foxx said. “He was just a free spirit. He did what he wanted to do.”

“Tomlin’s a legend,” another friend, Douglas “DJ ColeBlooded” Cole, who was an intern at WAMO 107.3 when Tomlin was working there, said.

“Tomlin was out here with millions of views, doing shows, putting artists on, really putting the city on his back and really making things happen for people. Like, he really gave people opportunities.”

A tribute service of sorts was held for the late rapper Mike Tomlin on the night of Monday, May 29th 2023 as a balloon was released in his honor at Point State Park.

“It’s sad that we are here for him. I never imagined. I don’t want to be here for him, but I am happy that this many people did turn up for him tonight,” Kennedy Vaughn said.

“If you are part of the music scene in this city, you have worked with him, and he probably made the best song you have. He’s really good,” Vaughn said.

Another friend, Myra Brown added: ““He was a beam of light. He was an amazing person. He was witty. He was creative. He could make a beat out of pencils and a can, and it would be dope. He was such a creative individual,”

“I just want people to still support him even though he is gone because he was just that amazing. To me, is a legend in this lifetime,” Brown said.

Wife and Son

At the moment, it is manifestly unclear if the late rapper, Mike Tomlin, left behind a wife or a son.

It could be that people, still confusing Steelers coach Mike Tomlin as the victim, are searching about him.

For context, Mike Tomlin is an American football coach who is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). Since joining the Steelers in 2007, he has led the team to ten playoff runs, seven division titles, three AFC Championship Games, two Super Bowl appearances, and a title in Super Bowl XLIII. 

At age 36, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl, a record which was later beaten by Sean McVay in Super Bowl LVI. Tomlin has never had a losing record during his 16 seasons as a head coach, which is the longest current streak in the NFL.

Tomlin met his wife, Kiya Winston, while they were students at The College of William & Mary. He graduated with a sociology degree in 1995. 

They have three children: Michael Dean (b. 2000), Mason (b. 2002), and Harlyn Quinn (b. 2006).

mike tomline wife son

Tomlin resides with his family in Squirrel Hill and is a Christian who attends a Christian and Missionary Alliance church.

Mike Tomlin Rapper Instagram

mike tomlin rapper instagram

Mike Tomlin Rapper is on Instagram @tomlinese. He can also be found on Twitter @tomlineseee

Tomlinese Songs

Mike Tomlin the late rapper had a variety of songs out there including a cover of ‘Fefe’, for which he released an official video shot by C4 Digital/ HeadShotFilms in 2018.

Other songs include Numberz, Animojo and more.

Mike Tomlin Gofundme

Mike tomlin gofundme

Austin Evans, a close friend of the late Pittsburgh rapper Mike Tomlin, started a Gofundme in his honour to raise money to cover his funeral costs.

Read Mike Tomlin GoFundMe below…

Writing on the fundraising site, he named the post In Loving Memory of Michael “Tomlinese” Tomlin

“To cover the funeral cost and support the family of well known artist/producer Michael Tomlinese Tomlin.

“Coordinated by Austin ‘Ice C4Digital’ Evans.

“To make cash app donations $cfdigital”

Due to mentioning Cash App, GoFundMe added a note.

GoFundMe Giving Guarantee – This fundraiser mentions donating through another platform, please bear in mind that only donations made on GoFundMe are protected by the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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