Five Nigerians Arrested by Malaysian Police for Running Romance Scams

Police in Malaysia have arrested five Nigerians, three men and two women, for running romance scams and alleged drug trafficking.

Police arrested the five suspects, aged 23 to 44, in Melaka, Malaysia.

Reports indicate the arrests occurred in three apartments in Bukit Beruang Bestari and a house in Bukit Melaka.

According to Malaysia’s New Straits Times, the arrests occurred between 5am and 10am local time on Thursday, March 24th 2022.

Melaka acting police chief Datuk Razali Abu Samah revealed the five Nigerians all entered the country illegally.

“The syndicate is believed to have been masterminded by a 44-year-old Nigerian man who introduced himself to his fellow apartment residents as a professor to conceal the real activity he was involved in,” the police chief said.

“When the raid was conducted, the syndicate members were in the midst of engaging in the defrauding activities of the love and parcel scams using laptops and handphones, and they were unaware of the presence of police,” he added.

According to the report, the Nigerians use photos of Caucasians to attract women and romantically chat them up.

The raid uncovered books and scripts used by the criminals to carry out their scams.

The raid also retrieved pen drives, six laptops, 12 handphones, five WiFi modems and fake documents.

Nigerian romance scam and drug syndicate arested in Malaysia

nigerians arrested malaysia

Police suspect that the syndicate are also involved in drug trafficking.

The raid uncovered 600 grammes of compressed cannabis and a packet of drugs suspected to be ketamine.

Police discovered another packet of drugs suspected to be cannabis.

“Initial investigation also found that the drugs were sold to students of private institutions of higher learning in the Ayer Keroh vicinity,” the police chief continued.

“Two women and a man in their 30s, who were arrested, also tested positive for cannabis and all the suspects will be brought to court today for a remand application under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” he added.


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