Nigerian Usman Emmanuel Jailed 6 Months in Ghana for illegally Trying to Acquire Citizenship Card

A Nigerian national in Ghana, Usman Emmanuel, has been jailed for six months over trying to acquire a Ghana citizenship card.

Usman was arrested for brandishing a fake Ghanaian birth certificate, which is the requirement for being issued with a Ghana card.

A registration officer reported him to police who hauled him before a court.

Usman received a six-month jail term for his offence.

Nigerian in Ghana Jailed over Ghana Card

According to reports, Usman Emmanuel visited a registration office in the Ashanti Region, the second most populated region in the country after the capital’s Greater Accra.

nigerian jailed over ghana card
Nigerian jailed over Ghana card

He provided a valid Ghanaian birth certificate to enable him to undergo the registration.

However, the Regional Registration officer of the Ashanti Region suspected that he was not a Ghanaian.

He reported the suspect to the police when he came to pick up the card.

Police hauled him before the Asokore Mampong District Magistrate Court.

Officers charged him with falsely providing information about himself contrary to Section 17 (C) of the National Identification Authority Act.

Emmanuel received a fine of Ghc 3,000, or in default six months in prison.

What is the Ghana Card?

Ghana’s National Identification Authority (NIA) is currently carrying out an exercise to register all Ghanaians onto a national database.

Citizens receive a Ghana Card upon successful registration.

Ghana card sample

The card is the undisputed proof of Ghanaian citizenship and would be the only valid ID for transacting multiple businesses.

The only way to acquire one is to provide a valid birth certificate.

Nigerians in Trouble over Ghana Card

Usman is not the first Nigerian to get in trouble over the Ghana Card.

In January this year, one Olu Olarusi Toyin received a similar fine of Ghc 3,600 for providing false information to the NIA.

One Derick Armstrong also believed to be Nigerian, received a four-month prison term for the same offence.


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