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Heather Louise Schwab, 35, was an American woman who went missing and was found dead in the home of Chad Christopher Stevens, 42, in McKinney, Texas.

Heather Louise Schwab had been reported missing June 28 by her mother, Tammra, and was finally discovered, albeit already dead, in the McKinney home of Chad Christopher Stevens.

Police arrested the 42-year-old and charged him with tampering with evidence.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Join us below as we learn in this article all there is to discover about Heather Louise Schwab going mjssing.

Heather Louise Schwab

heather louise schwab

Heather Louise Schwab was a 35-year-old American woman who went missing and was later found dead in the home of Chad Christopher Stevens, 42, in McKinney, Texas.

Police found the body of Heather Louise Schwab Sunday, morning, November 12 2023 at a house in McKinney.

McKinney police say new information led officers to believe a body was at the home in the 600 block of Pearson Ave.

Detectives got a search warrant and found the body of Schwab at the home of 42-year-old Chad Christopher Stevens.

Stevens is charged with tampering with evidence and assault causing bodily injury – read all we know about him here!

According to our online search, there is a serious lack of information about Schwab on the internet.

Our search of the extensive spokeo database unearthed her info and it says Heather Louise Schwab is 35 years old and was a resident of Ashby PI, Allen, Texas before she went missing.

She is believed to have previously lived in McKinney where her body was eventually found.

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A few family members are listed for Heather Louise Schwab – Steven, 62, Tammy, 53, Tammra, 61 and Haley, 32.

heather schwab

Updates in the case revealed Tammra to be the mother of Heather Louise Schwab.

Tammra filed a missing persons report for her daughter in July and told police she believed her boyfriend, Chad Christopher Stevens had a hand in her disappearance.

She told police that Stevens was abusive and allegedly assaulted Heather in the past.

Tammra said that on “multiple occasions in the past,” Schwab said to her ”Chad would kill her and hide her body somewhere,” the arrest affidavit said

McKinney Police Department received information that a body may be located in the 600 block of Pearson Ave.

“Tammra stated that based on the past abuse and volatile relationship, she and other family members believed Chad may have killed her but were unable to provide any evidence of this,” a detective wrote in the affidavit.

A detective then interviewed Stevens, who said Schwab had left him roughly a year prior and he hadn’t seen or heard from her since. 

Detectives obtained a search warrant and located the body of 35-year-old Heather Louis Schwab at the home of 42-year-old Chad Christopher Stevens the morning of Sunday, Nov. 12.

McKinney PD revealed in a statement: “McKinney Police Detectives recently received information that a body may be located in the 600 block of Pearson Ave.

“Detectives obtained a search warrant and located the body of 35-year-old Heather Louise Schwab at the home of 42-year-old Chad Christopher Stevens this morning.

“Stevens was arrested at the scene and is currently charged with Tampering with Evidence. The investigation is in the very early stages and is ongoing. 

“We are asking anyone with additional information to please call Detective Monte Robertson at 972-547-2724.

“Our hearts go out to Heather’s family, friends, and neighbors during this extremely difficult time,”

A neighbor of Stevens’ told the press that Heather Louise Schwab was dating Stevens a few months back before going missing.

It could have been a different woman, but a few months back, there was like a woman like you know, around him,” Carolina Murillo said.

“She kind of like followed him around. Just like did whatever he did, but she was like always around, and then a couple of months later, you know, I like stopped seeing her and I was like, ‘Okay, well, maybe they broke up or whatever happened, and that was it,” reflected Murillo.

She described Stevens as ‘awkward’ and always outside.

“He was like up at all times. Like anytime I was going out leaving the house or coming in, like he was always outside. Just walking around doing stuff around the yard,” said Murillo.

Who is Chad Christopher Stevens? Heather Louise Schwab Boyfriend/Murderer

chad christopher stevens heather louise schwab

Heather’s body was found at the home of Chad Stevens of Mckinney Tx.

But who is Chad Christopher Stevens?

Chad Christopher Stevens is the main suspect arrested by police in the disappearance of American woman Heather Louise Schwab.

The 42-year-old was arrested by police after a body was discovered at his home by police officers whilst executing a search warrant.

The body of missing Heather Louise Schwab was found in Stevens’ home leading detectives to quickly effect his arrest.

Police charged him with tampering with evidence.

After Tammra Schwab reported her daughter missing in July and implicated Chad Stevens, there were no leads in the case of finding Schwab until Nov. 3, when Tammra Schwab told police she heard from Stevens’ ex-wife who said Stevens had killed Heather Schwab and buried her in his backyard, the arrest affidavit said.

Stevens reportedly threatened to kill his own daughter when she called him to reveal she had gotten pregnant.

The daughter told him to not make such threatening statements because people might take him seriously, especially as his girlfriend, Heather Schwab, had gone missing.

Stevens asked her: “Oh so you think I killed her?” the affidavit said. He then started asking his daughter how she knew about his backyard, that it was allegedly dug up, and other things she had not brought up, the document said.

“Chad then made statements about how even if he had done something to Heather, he would only get 5 years in prison for hiding the body and he knew that because [he] had researched it,” the affidavit said.

Stevens allegedly asked his daughter “how she knew that Heather was in the backyard,” to which she replied that she didn’t know that information and Stevens replied “sarcastically,” “oh yeah, I definitely did that,” according to the filing.

chad christopher stevens

Police then got a warrant to search the backyard and discovered Heather’s remains in his refrigerator during the search.

The McKinney Police Department has asked anyone who may have additional information to call Detective Monte Robertson at 972-547-2724.

heather louise schwab photos

Serial squatter

There is an interesting story of one Heather Schwab, a notorious serial squatter who is not believed to the be current Heather Louise Schwab.

However, we still want to provide her story below…

Heather Schwab, also of Texas, has been a notorious serial squatter wanted by authorities.

Heather Schwab

CBS Texas reports: “Heather Schwab, the woman dubbed a serial squatter by eviction attorneys, is a wanted woman. 

For the first time ever, there is a felony warrant for her arrest in Texas.

Rowlett police have charged Schwab with third-degree felony fraud for using a false identity to rent property.

The case involves Jessica and Colin Davis.

After a job transfer forced the couple to move, they rented their Rowlett home to a woman using the name Rayes Ruybal. 

Then, checks started to bounce and they dug deeper, discovering past reports on Schwab. And when CBS News Texas showed up at the home, that’s exactly who was found living there.

The Davis family says when they first went to police, they were told it was a civil matter. That changed when CBS News Texas started asking questions.

“In most cases, altercations or differences between landlords and renters usually goes to the civil court, but we did get contacted by CBS 11 and that’s when we decided to give it a second look,” said Rowlett police detective Cruz Hernandez.

The key difference in this case that makes it a criminal matter, police say, is the fact that Schwab was using a false identity. 

Schwab’s previous indiscretions include being sentenced to six years in Colorado prison in 2018 for a string of ‘appalling’ scams against landlords.

In 2018, Schwab pleaded guilty to felony identity theft and was sentenced to six years by a judge in Brighton, Colorado.

Schwab’s husband, William, also pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit identity theft. 

Schwab and her husband were reportedly evicted some 20 times in Texas before moving to Colorado. 

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