Uriel BBNaija Biography [Everything There Is To Know]

Uriel BBNaija is a Nigerian reality television superstar who competed on BBNaija: See Gobe and has made a return for BBNaija All Stars.

On Sunday, July 23rd 2023, BBNaija All Stars kicked off in Lagos with the return of popular host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Numerous housemates were introduced for the show including Uriel Oputa aka Uriel Music star.

In this article, we take a look at Uriel BBN biography, age, career, net worth, BBNaija All Stars.

Uriel BBNaija biography

uriel bbnaija biography

Uriel BBnaija is a Nigerian reality television superstar, singer-songwriter and businesswoman who gained notoriety in Nigeria after appearing in BBNaija: See Gobe edition.

Also known as Uriel Music star, Uriel Oputa Ngozi was born on January 24th 1998 in Hammersmith, England to a Nigerian mother and a British father. As of July 2023, BBN Uriel is 35 years of age.

Uriel BBNaija comes from Imo State in Nigeria, but she was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She has four siblings, all of whom are boys. Her mom has dementia.

She was raised and had her education in the UK but moved to Nigeria after completing her education.

Now we’re sure you’ve read somewhere that Uriel BBNaija studied creative writing at the University right, wrong! Uriel is actually a nurse!

She revealed this herself to Punch in an interview.

“I had my education, from elementary to university level, in the United Kingdom. I studied Nursing at the university. However, I am not comfortable about releasing the details of my childhood; I don’t want to mention the name of the schools I attended. I’m not trying to hide anything about my childhood and upbringing,” she told the publication.

Whilst Uriel BBN might not feel comfortable revealing her education, we have no such reservations. Uriel BBNaija graduated from Bedfordshire University – a public research university with campuses in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England – with a degree in nursing.

The singer, actress and entrepreneur appeared on BBNaija See Gobe season. She has released songs like Desire and Nwoke Oma. 

Uriel was born into a music family and knew all along she would follow her family’s footsteps. That’s why she calls herself Uriel Music Star.

“My mother and my brothers were into music; so, it seemed like the natural path for me to follow. I always wanted to become rich and famous, so I could look after my mum,” Uriel BBN said.

In regard to her personality, Uriel says: “I am a very deep and happy person. I am also very smart and I don’t need anybody to validate that. I am a caring person with a very big heart. I’m also very observant. You cannot lie to me or cheat me. I know that some people would have tried to cheat me but nobody has ever succeeded in doing that. That’s because I ask questions and take precautions.”

Uriel BBNaija was also a contestant on Top Actor Africa. Her businesses include Uriel’s Kitchen and Uriellondonwigs which deals in hair and wigs for women. 

In 2023, Uriel returned to the show as one of the housemates in the BBNaija All Stars edition, which features fan-favourite contestants from past seasons. Uriel BBN is not married, hence she’s said she is out for a husband on the show.

Recall the reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, where she lamented that no matter what a woman does or achieves, it is seen as nothing until she’s married. 

“It’s so sad that no matter what women achieve in this life it is not until you are married. I posted a food video which is helping thousands of people and you commented “ go and marry,” she wrote.

Uriel BBN

“What if I don’t want to marry? Does that make me a witch? I don’t wake up every day and say Holy ghost to my husband. My prayer is “Father Lord bring to me the man I need not want’ Bring to me a man who will not mess up my positive aura.”

“I’m very careful with who I allow into my life. Because they could be the beginning of your downfall. I find hope and solace in faith and a damn good body. Abeg”.

Uriel appears to have changed her stance on marriage now, having said in the BBNaija All Stars house that she won’t even mind becoming a 2nd wife to someone as long as she gets married.

Her new stance cropped up during a chat between several female housemates including Mercy, Ceec, Doyin and others.

“I will never agree to my man having a second wife, he can have a side chick,” Doyinsola David, known in the reality tv world as Doyin, emphatically said.

Vivacious and industrious Mercy Eke, the winner of BBNaija Pepper Dem season who has returned for a 2nd win, inferred: “I would rather my husband brings the side chick home and marries her.”

For her part, our girl Uriel BBN said: “Some men value their side chicks more than their wife. The woman will just be carrying wife title. I can be a second wife.”

Angel JB Smith, arguably the most free-minded female in the house, cut in and said: “I don’t want it but I don’t have any problem with it.”

Controversial CeeC declared: “No matter what, I can never be a second wife.”

BBNaija All Stars features alongside Uriel, former winners Whitemoney and Mercy Eke as well as strong contenders such as Pere, CeeC, Cross, Kiddwaya, Angel and many others.


Uriel BBNaija has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She started recording songs in the UK and the first song she ever produced was titled Tell Me. It was produced by someone named Olly Jay.

She continued doing her thing in the UK until she decided to move back to Nigeria around 2013. Prior to that, she had been releasing songs and performing at shows in the UK.

When she got to Nigeria, Uriel BBNaija first contested in the Glo X-Factor competition. She also auditioned for the Project Fame, but things just weren’t working.

In 2015, Uriel BBN auditioned for Big Brother Africa for the first time. She made it to the finals but didn’t make it through. She tried again in 2016 but once again she didn’t make it through the final round. Despite feeling terrible, Uriel knew she had a purpose and remained adamant in wanting to be famous so she continued pursuing her dream.

Finally, things turned around in 2017 when sheapplied for Big Brother Naija (See Gobe) and eventually made it through. Uriel was one of the finalists in the show.

After she left the ‘house,’Uriel BBN decided to explore other areas such as the media, and securing endorsement deals.

Shortly before joining Big Brother Naija, Uriel Music Starr released a song titled Desire. It was done in the house music style that she grew up listening to in the UK. It was with a blend of Igbo language.

According to Uriel, she triesto combine her British and Nigerian identities in all her songs.

“You can basically define my music as Afrohouse/Igbohouse,” she claims.

Uriel BBNaija net worth

uriel bbnaija net worth

Uriel BBNaija has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Uriel BBNaija Instagram

Uriel BBnaija is on Instagram @urielmusicstar

BBNaija All Stars

BBNaija All Stars is the 8th edition of the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija. It features fan-favourite contestants from past seasons who return for another chance to win the grand prize and entertain the viewers. 

The show started on July 23, 2023 and will run for 71 days until October 1, 2023, Nigeria’s Independence Day. The show is hosted by Ebuka Obi Uchendu, a former BBNaija housemate and media personality. 

Some of the housemates who have been unveiled so far are: 

Cee-C: A lawyer and influencer who was the first runner-up in the 2018 edition of BBN.

Kiddwaya: A billionaire’s son and entrepreneur who had a romantic relationship with Erica in the lockdown edition of BBN. 

Doyin: A media personality and actress who was part of the 2022 edition of BBN. 

Pere: A former US soldier and actor who was part of the shine ya eye edition of BBN.

Uriel: A singer, actress and chef who was part of the say gobe edition of BBN. 

Frodd: A businessman and philanthropist who was part of the pepper dem edition of BBN. 

Soma: A singer and model who was part of the see gobe edition of BBN.

Big Brother Naija Season 8 will premiere on 23 July 2023 on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Channel 151), African Magic Urban (DStv Channel 153) and Africa Magic Family (DStv Channel 154). You will then be able to keep up with the shenanigans 24/7 on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv h 49. But wait, you can also watch the show on your mobile device and watch the daily highlights on DStv Catchup. 

There is no need to worry if you are not home but still want to catch up on the happenings in Biggie’s house. You can keep up with all the action using your MyDStv and MyGOtv apps. Just make sure you download and install the app to your device. The apps are easy to use and you go fit stream the show anytime and anywhere. So, even if you are on the road or you dey hustle for work, you don’t have to miss anything. And just like that, Season 8 has entered your pocket.  

Everyone in this Season is ready to continue making a name for themselves and wey go scatter the House. The cream of the crop of Naija’s entertainment industry will gather in Big Brother’s house and surely make us scream “gbas gbos!” from our chairs. 

Is Uriel Oputa related to Charly Boy?

Is Uriel Oputa related to Charly Boy?

It is a common question many wonder about. Is Uriel Oputa related to Charlie Boy? The answer is yes!

Uriel Ngozi Oputa also known as Uriel BBNaija is related to popular Nigerian musician Charly Boy aka Area Fada.

The BBNaija star has revealed that the Area Fada is a brother of her grandfather whilst his sister is married to her mum’s brother. They are related in more ways than one.

Uriel BBN, who was born and raised in England, actually stayed with Charly Boy when she first moved back to Nigeria. During her time with him, he provided intensive training at the gym and supported her pursuit of a music career. He has been a very supportive and loving cousin.

Earlier last month, before returning for BBNaija All Stars, Uriel revealed how instrumental Charly Boy has been in her growing up and reaching her current level.

She shared photos working out with Charly Boy, revealing he had been showing her some crazy gym workouts just like back in the day!

Uriel BBN captioned her post: “The Oputa’s. I bet you didn’t know @areafada1 is my amazing cousin❤️ lived with him when I first moved bk to Nigeria omo Uncle Charles be showing me crazy workouts ooooo. I’m tired biko!!”

Despite her love for her cousin, Uriel BBNaija made it clear she doesn’t appreciate being told Charly Boy paved the way for her in showbiz.

“Charly Boy is my uncle and he inspired me in a very huge way. I was encouraged by what he had achieved with his entertainment career. However, I wouldn’t say that anybody really paved the way for me in the entertainment industry,” Uriel said.

“I struggled for everything and where I am now. I made sacrifices like everybody else, and it took me about 10 years to get to this spot,” she added.

Quick Facts

How old is BBN Uriel? – Uriel BBnaija is 35 years old.

Where is Uriel from? Uriel comes from Imo State, Nigeria

What is Uriel BBNaija net worth? $300,000

Is Uriel Oputa related to Charly Boy? – According to Uriel, Charly Boy, is her grandfather’s brother – his sister is married to her mum’s brother, and her mum is married to his first cousin (her mum). 

Uriel BBNaija and Charly Boy are cousins, even though she calls him uncle.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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