St*pid A** N***a, Sh*t The F*k Up And Sit Down – Miracle Attacks Yemi As They Fight Over Khosi

A brutal fight nearly broke out in the BB Titans house Friday night as Miracle and Yemi went to war over the hand of Khosi.

Emotions run high during the truth or dare game as Miracle kissed Khosi, Yemi’s girlfriend.

The housemates gathered to share a fun time together and decide to play the game of truth and dare where the player gets to complete a task.

Khosi was asked if she was encouraging Miracle’s advances or if he was being too forward in trying to get close to her despite Yemi already being in the picture.

Before Khosi could answer, Yemi asked her not to explain. Miracle disagreed and insisted that Khosi should explain the situation.

This infuriated Yemi, especially after Miracle asked him to ‘sh*t the f*ck up’ and called him a st*pid a** n***a!

The two nearly came to blows after that but were separated by fellow housemates!

Watch Yemi and Miracle fight below…

Miracle Apologises to Yemi After Fight

BB Titans housemate, Miracle OP apologises to his fellow housemate, Yemi Cregx, following a fight they had over his feelings for Khosi.

Miracle and Yemi had earlier clashed during the truth or dare game where the former told the latter to shut after they got into an altercation over Khosi.

During a man-to-man chat afterwards, Yemi stated that he had held grudges after Miracle referred to him as a coward when he was in the bathroom with his love interest.

Clarifying his statements that lead to the tension, Miracle apologized and assured Mr Cregx that he was completely done with Khosi.

Watch video below…

The BB Titans truth or dare game was a spectacular mess Friday night featuring lots of drama, kissing, tension and much much more!


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