BBTitans Yemi Cregx Slams Miracle Over Khosi Convo – Video

BB Titans housemate Yemi Cregx has lost his cool and has confronted Miracle because of his ‘girlfriend’ Khosi.

Yemi Cregx has been seen in the video confronting Miracle over distracting his conversation with Khosi.

According to Yemi Cregx, he feels disrespected that Miracle had to request to talk to Khosi while he (Yemi) is speaking with her.

He warned Miracle not to repeat the same action and also privately confronted Khosi about the nature of her relationship with Miracle.

Miracle was seen remaining quiet during the confrontation, as Yemi Cregx expressed his concerns and frustrations.

Angry Yemi further confronted Khosi privately asking if there was more than a partnership between her and Miracle.

Watch BB Titans Yemi confront Miracle below:

Earlier, Khosi similarly confronted Yemi Cregx over the nature of his relationship with Blue Aiva.

Yemi had been spotted smooching up with Blue Aiva after ‘enjoying’ with Khosi during the pool party.

That didn’t go down well with the South African journalist who confronted her Nigerian partner.


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