Hot Like A Heater! Reactions As BB Titans Juicy Jay And Yvonne Share Steamy Kiss – Video

BB Titans Juicy Jay and Yvonne have got a steamy ship going! The duo were spotted sharing a hot kiss on camera in the house!

The kiss has set the web afire with tons of interesting reactions!

Normally one thing you can count on during a Big Brother season is the constant shipping but the romantic side of BB Titans has been slow in taking off!

Luckily, Nigeria’s Yvonne and South Africa’s Juicy Jay provided some excitement on that front after exchanging a pretty passionate kiss.

The duo kissed for nigh close to a minute in a steamy session that’s got fans talking.

Watch BB Titans Yvonne and Juicy Jay kiss below…


One netizen said: “That was hot like a heater. Worth my Dstv subscription,”

Another said: “Such a mad ass scene. Please vote juvonne and juiolva too keep seeing what they have,”

Another said: “You guys watching #BBTitans are trying o. I rather watch two chickens fighting,”

BB Titans Juicy Jay Yvonne

Earlier, Juicy Jay had crushed on Yvonne big time!

He revealed he’s falling for fellow housemate Yvonne, claiming he loves the fact that she’s Nigerian and a bad b*tch.

While having a conversation with Yaya and Nelisa, Juicy revealed that he has no idea what he likes more about Yvonne.

He further stated that he loves that she is Nigerian and also that she oozes bad b*tch vibes.

He said the icing on the cake is Yvonne’s cooking skills, and how effortlessly s*xy she is.

Looks like BB Titans Juicy Jay finally got the kiss he wants from Yvonne!

Siya Juicy Jay is a semi-professional rugby player from Eastern Cape, South Africa. He got the zeal and dream of playing rugby since childhood.

Juicy Jay was the third housemate to enter the Big Brother Titans or BB Titans house. He has an eye on the ultimate prize.

BB Titans Yvonne is a reality TV star, model, and developer of digital content from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.


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