Matt Rife Sisters – All About Taylor, Kenzie, Christina, Katie

Popular comic Matt Rife has four sisters named Taylor, Kenzie, Christina and Katie – one being his half sister and three stepsisters.

Matt Rife is the ish right now. He has a Netflix Special, Natural Selection out, and he’s all of a sudden a hotshot after years of struggling for fame and success.

Understandably, everyone and their mother wants to know everything there is to know about Matt Rife. The internet is suddenly awash with tons of articles about Matt Rife’s family, siblings, mother, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends, stepdad and what have you.

There is a good reason for that interest in Matt Rife – especially when it comes to his sisters.

Matt Rife has four sisters – three step sisters and a half sister. His family situation is as unique as it comes and worth learning about.

In this article, we will pull back the curtain on Matt Rife and his extraordinary sibling situation. 

Join us as we learn everything there is to learn about Matt Rife and his beautiful and accomplished sisters Taylor, Kenzie, Christina and Katie.

Matt Rife sisters

matt rife sisters

American comic Matt Rife has four sisters named Taylor, Kenzie, Christina and Katie – one being his half sister and the other three being stepsisters.

This stems from Matt’s unique family situation.

Matthew Steven Rife aka Matt Rife was born in Columbus, Ohio on September 10, 1995 to his mother April Rife and dad Michael Eric Gutzke.

Matt’s father, Mike committed suicide at age 20 when the young comic was only 17 months old!

From that moment onward, he never had a chance to have complete biological siblings.

April Rife, Matt’s mother, remarried Joseph ‘Joe’ Chilton and the couple welcomed one child, Taylor Chilton. Taylor was born in 2000, making her five years younger than Matt.

Matt Rife step dad Joe Chilton also came into the marriage with his own daughters, three daughters who are Matt Rife’s step sisters – Kenzie, Christina and Katie.

Kenzie is of an age with Matt Rife, having been born in 1995 just like him.

Christina, born in 1991 and Katie, are all older than Matt Rife.

Now that we know about Matt Rife and his sisters, let’s learn more about each individually.

Taylor Chilton

matt rife siblings
Taylor Chilton and family

Taylor Chilton is Matt Rife’s half-sister, the daughter of his mother April and stepdad Joe.

Also known as Taylor Ann Frazier, she is a native of Howard, Ohio and a resident of Tucson, Arizona. 

Taylor works as a medical assistant at Banner Health.

She has been a big fan of her brother’s career and for years tried to boost his career any way she can.

She would often share clips of his shows and performances and try to get everyone to check out her awesome brother.

In one post, Taylor shared a photo of herself and Matt after a performance and wrote: “So glad I got to see my brother while he’s in Phoenix. Keep killing it, we are so proud of you,”

Taylor Chilton is married to Amon Frazier and the couple have two daughters, Zariah and Zayla.

Amon and Taylor have been dating since June 2020, they got engaged in October 2020 and got married in January 2021.

They welcomed their first daughter, Zariah, in March 2021 and their 2nd daughter, Zayla in May 2023.

Zayla celebrated her 5-month birthday a few days ago and Taylor shared adorable photos of the baby.

She wrote: “I have clearly been slacking on these updates buttt miss Zayla turned 5 months yesterday! 

“She is just the happiest little thing (unless she’s hungry or tired, this girl doesn’t play around😂) She loves to sit up and play peekaboo ❤️

“I can’t believe how fast time is flying by, we love you so much chunker 💖,”

After Matt Rife landed his comedy special, Taylor once again showed up big to support her brother.

Sharing screengrabs of the ‘Natural Selection’ special, she wrote on Facebook: “TODAYS THE DAY! Streaming now on NETFLIX, my brothers comedy special! Go check it out, you won’t want to miss it,”

Matt Rife step sisters

matt rife step dad
Matt Rife stepfather, mother & sister

Matt Rife’s three stepsisters are named Kenzie, Christina and Katie.

As mentioned earlier, Matt’s father Mike committed suicide when he was just 17 months old.

That led his mother, April Rife, to marry Matt Rife stepdad Joseph Joe Chilton when he was only five years old.

Joe came into the marriage with three daughters – those being the three step sisters of Matt Rife.

Christina Chilton

Matt Rife’s step sister Christina was born on the 13th of April, 1991. She is currently 32 years old and a native of North Lewisburg, Ohio.

Christina is a graduate of the Grand Canyon University where she studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Government with an emphasis on Legal Studies.

She also atended Columbus State Community College where she studied AAS Paralegal Studies.

After her education, Christina worked as a Case Manager at Western States Healthcare and also as a paralegal/Executive Assistant at Meritage Midtsream.

Matt Rife step sister Christina then attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law for her law degree before joining the U.S Air Force.

Christina Chilton married Kyle Kelly in June 2015. It’s unknown if they have any children.

Kenzie Chilton

According to reports, Kenzie Chilton was born on the 22nd of February 1995. 

That means she was just a few months old when Matt was born in September 1995 and just about five or six when her father married Matt Rife’s mom after his biological father committed suicide.

Katie Chilton

The third of Rife’s stepsister, very little is known about Katie.

She remains very private although she has a known Facebook page which she also never updates.

Matt also posts very little about his family online, making it difficult to learn more.

Matt Rife Biography

Matthew Steven Rife born September 10, 1995 is an American comedian and actor. 

Known professionally as Matt Rife, the comic made waves due to his self-produced comedy specials Only Fans (2021), Matthew Steven Rife (2023) and Walking Red Flag (2023), as well as his recurring role on the sketch improv comedy and rap show, Wild ‘n Out.

Matt Rife catapulted to fame after landing a Netflix special, Natural Selection, released in 2023 and a worldwide tour.

Rife was born in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in North Lewisburg. 

His father, Michael Eric Gutzke, died by suicide when Rife was 17 months old and his mother, April, would go on to remarry one Joe Chilton.

Matt is an open book about his father’s suicide and sometimes even jokes about it.

“My mom said it was just probably depression, and he was living with his dad at the time who was a massive alcoholic. 

“I guess the story is, my dad came home drunk to his dad’s hotel and was talking about killing himself, and apparently, his dad was egging him on, like, ‘You won’t do it,’ is the story, I suppose. I don’t know.”

Matt also said his father doesn’t really believe he was his child. 

“I don’t look like anybody in my family … My mom also likes to talk about how I kind of look like a guy she dated in high school. So I’m like, should we do a f—ing DNA test?

“My mom also said that my dad didn’t believe I was his because they weren’t together when I was born. He made her take a paternity test, and I don’t think I ever got a definitive answer of how it came back.”

Either way, following his death Rife’s biggest influence was his grandfather, Steven.

Rife first took an interest in comedy at 14 years old, when a teacher said that there would be a talent show at his high school. 

On the urging of one of his friends, he entered the talent show as a comic and started performing professionally a year later at 15.


As a comedian, Rife is best known for his self-produced comedy specials: Only Fans (2021), Matthew Steven Rife (2023) and Walking Red Flag (2023), as well as his appearance on Bring the Funny in 2019, where he advanced to the Semi-Final Showcase but was eliminated in week 8.

As an actor, he is known for his guest roles on the sketch comedy and improv game show series Wild ‘n Out, as Brandon Bliss on the comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and as Logan on the sitcom television series Fresh Off the Boat.

Matt Rife has stated his two biggest comedy influences as Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais.

“They’re both prolific comedians and writers and performers. And I would say they’re top three of all time,” he said of the legendary duo.

“Both of their senses of humor and opinions and views on things are completely in line with how I think about things. And I think their style of comedy is definitely something I emulate, unintentionally.”

Rife also found fame on Tiktok. 

That began in the summer of 2021, when he posted a video in which he roasted an audience member who broke up with her boyfriend, an emergency room worker, because he “didn’t do anything.” 

His response: “Oh, I’m sorry—you broke up with a hero?” Whoops of laughter ensued, the video went viral. He has since gained the moniker of Tiktok comedian.


Matt Rife has four siblings – three step sisters and one half sister.

His half sister, Taylor, was born to his mother April and his step father, Joe Chilton.

Joe entered his second marriage with three children – daughters Christina, Kezia and Katie – Matt’s step sisters.

In regards to his relationships, Matt Rife dated English actress Kate Beckinsale between 2017 and 2018.

He also dated Lucy Hale before moving on to his current girlfriend, Jessica Lord. 

Lord is an English dancer and actress who has known the comedian for several years.

It was confirmed in June 2023 that the two were in a relationship. 

“It’s newer, but I mean I do prefer to keep it on the more private side. Just because, I mean, people are literally insane,” he told People in October 2023. 

He also added that Lord has been “so important to my infrastructure,” when planning out his daily routine. 

“She forces me to take personal time, obviously, and I love that. Whenever she’s like, ‘Can we have tomorrow for ourselves?’ I’m like, ‘Thank you. I would love to have that.’ ”

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