James Hardy Skate Obituary – Skateboarding Legend Dead

Skateboarding legend James Hardy is dead, sending the skate boarding community into deep mourning – check out his obituary below.

News surrounding the death of Hardy emerged on social media on Sunday, March 31st 2024.

Hardy was a fan favorite who was known for his powerful and aggressive style of street skating.

May he rest in peace.

Continue reading to discover more about the passing of the skateboarding legend James Hardy.

James Hardy Skateboarding dead

james hardy skate dead


James Hardy was a professional skateboarder from Huntsville, Alabama known for his powerful style and street skating skills.

He has been sponsored by brands like Real, Spitfire, Thunder, and Dekline Footwear, and has been featured in various skateboarding videos and magazines.

Hardy is also recognized for his supportive actions off the board, such as shaving his head in solidarity with a friend undergoing chemotherapy.

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His dedication to skateboarding and his compassionate nature have made him a respected figure in the skateboarding community.

Death & Tributes

Hardy reportedly passed away recently with news of his demise hitting social media on Sunday, March 31st, 2024.

Numerous sources have confirmed that James Hardy the skateboarding legend is dead, although there has been no official confirmation of his cause of death.

His mother, Shirley Hardy, confirmed his death, commenting on a post of a baby photo he recently shared of himself.

“I’m devastated 💔 😢 my sweet, talented boy Mama Hardy 😢 is hurting so bad,” she wrote.

james hardy obituary

Skate Bible’s editor-in-chief, Michael Burnett, posted Hardy’s Thrasher cover with the emojis of eagles flying and a black heart.

Tum Yeto Team manager Mike Sinclair bid farewell to Hardy with a touching tribute leading to other pro skaters such as Chris Cole, Alex Willms all weighing in.

Sinclair wrote: “James Hardy always cared how others were doing. James always had something funny to say and an amazing story to tell me that made us both laugh. James loved just keeping up with everyone and making sure we were all good. Today I wish I could call you one more time to check in buddy. I love you @bamahardy 💔”

Chris Cole wrote in the comments: “💔 man. I can’t even”

Hardy’s fellow pro skateboarder and close friend Dee Ostrander said: “We lost one of the best. 💔”

Real Skateboards also confirmed his passing, writing: ““James was a brother to all of us. We grew up in the van together. Both of us coming from similar backgrounds and finding a family in skateboarding meant more to us than we could have imagined.

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“He brightened our lives without having to try. His effortless positivity and raw ability to push himself and us cannot be matched.

“Those that were lucky enough to know him are better for the simple fact of that. The huge person you saw in the videos or at the demos was the kindest sweetest person I’ve ever met even, if you thought he could crush you with one fail swoop.

“There is not and will not be another like James Hardy. We love you and will continue to love you. Long live our Yeti with the most painful high-fives!”

An RIP James Hardy thread also started on the Slap Magazine forums leading to fans praising the late legend.

“He was incredibly talented on a skateboard. He took the courageous step to raise awareness of head trauma by revealing what he was going through. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about how he was treated in the past, and he had the maturity and empathy to resolve said issues later. This is only what I’ve observed; I’m sure he was even more genuine and affecting in person with those around him. Rest in peace,” one reply read.

“Rest in peace to the alabama man, this fuckin sucks. condolences to all friends and family, let’s all watch those parts back now & remember the greatest nollie 360 flip of all time,” another wrote.

In honour of Hardy, Shredder news shared some of his greatest work which can be watched below.

A compassionate person

James Hardy the skateboarding legend before his death gained a reputation as a compassionate person after shaving his head with a friend who got cancer in solidarity.

Hardy went bald a bit prompting questions as to why which he answered in an interview: “My friend back home, Ryan Ezell. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer in August and when he started chemo, I told him, “If you lose your hair and eyebrows because of chemo, I’ll shave mine off.” he said.

“So, around the very end of December, he lost his eyebrows and his hair, so I shaved mine off. I kept it bald as long as he was bald. Just recently, his chemo was up and his hair started growing back in, so I let mine grow back in,”

Hardy said his friend had fully recovered and hence he could also let his hair grow back.

“It wasn’t some distressed period of my life or some break-up from a girlfriend. It was just for a homey – try to help out,” he clarified.

He also explained why he did it, saying: “Yeah, I didn’t want it to be about me. I wasn’t going around talking about it like, “My friend’s going through chemo. That’s why I look like this!” I just wanted him to know someone was there that looked the same, so he wouldn’t be tripped out about looking that way.

“No one would guess why someone would bic their head like that, so I was always nice to people who asked,”


James Hardy hailed from Huntsville, Alabama, a place he proudly represented throughout his career.

Huntsville is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Alabama.

It is the county seat of Madison County with portions extending into Limestone County and Morgan County.

It is located in the Appalachian region of northern Alabama.

Huntsville was founded within the Mississippi Territory in 1805 and became an incorporated town in 1811. When Alabama was admitted as a state in 1819, Huntsville was designated for a year as the first capital, before the state capitol was moved to more central settlements.

The city developed across nearby hills north of the Tennessee River, adding textile mills in the late nineteenth century.

Major growth in Huntsville took place in the decades following World War II. During the war, the U.S Army established Redstone Arsenal in the vicinity, with a chemical weapons plant and related facilities.

After the war, additional research was conducted at Redstone Arsenal on rockets, followed by adaptations for space exploration. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command, and most recently the FBI’s operational support headquarters, all came to be located at Redstone Arsenal.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation included Huntsville in its “America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2010” list.

The population was 215,006 at the 2020 census, and was estimated to be 221,933 in 2022.

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