Emeka Ike New Wife Yolanda and Ex Suzanne Emma Bio

Who is Emeka Ike new wife? Actor Emeka Ike is trending after he revealed the brutality his ex-wife visited upon him.

Emeka Ike narrated how his estranged wife Suzanne Emma’s allegations made him lose his properties and access to his kids.

The actor and his ex-wife’s marriage was dissolved in 2017 by a Lagos Island Customary Court over alleged incessant battery.

Since then, Emeka Ike has been silent but recently opened up about how his ex-wife has tortured him.

He claims she clandestinely made off with about 80% of his possessions and properties and that she’s also stopped him from having access to his kids.

Nevertheless, Emeka Ike has gone on to remarry to Yolanda, a South African.

Who is Emeka Ike new wife?

emeka ike new wife

Emeka Ike new wife is Yolanda Pfeiffer, a South African model based in Germany who he met during an awards show in Germany.

The duo started dating from there and fell in love, leading to them trying the knot.

Their marriage was blessed with their first child together in October 2019, a baby girl.

That was Yolanda’s 4th child and Emeka Ike’s 5th child.

Emeka Ike took to Instagram to reveal that his new wife Yolanda had delivered another baby for him.

“‘GUESS WHO IS IN TOWN?…. Oluchi…in Nuremberg Germany … Thank u for the bundle of Joy… ?MY WIFE?’ the captioned his post.

The post was completed with photos of the beautiful new baby.

In a second post, Emeka Ike congratulated his wife on her delivery.

“… congratulations my 🏡wife… l 🌷cherish you my 🌹”BEAUTIES”❤ … TX for making us proud, mama…❤,” he captioned the second post, which contained photos of Yolanda and their new daughter.

It can be said that Emeka Ike has regained his happiness since his marriage to his new wife as the pains he suffered at the hands of his ex-wife have now all been vanished.

This is seen in how he hypes Yolanda on social media at any chance he gets.

In 2021, veteran Nollywood actor Emeka Ike took to his Instagram page to celebrate his South African wife, Yolanda on her birthday. 

Sharing photos of his wife, the actor wrote; “YOU hv become my friend, a homie, my love, my partner, my wife and a mother to my children. Thank you for the “peace” 🎂HAPPY🍹BIRTHDAY🍷🍾 Yolanda lke❤…more grace.”

His Instagram handle is filled with loved up posts showcasing himself and their ever growing daughter.

In one post taken by his wife, he is seen shopping with their daughter.

He captioned the video: “Oluchi and her daddy back to Germany 🇩🇪 😍….home sweet home 🙏#mypeacefulplace

“Shopping for papa 💕❤️ Pics by my lovely wife yolly ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏”

From the frustrations of his first marriage, Emeka Ike has seemingly found happiness in his new marriage and one can only be happy for him.

Let’s dive into his old troubles regarding his former marriage.

Emeka Ike ex-wife Suzanne Emma

emeka ike suzanne emma
emeka ike suzanne emma

Emeka Ike’s first marriage was to his ex-wife, a Dutch-Nigerian teacher named Suzanne Emma.

He had four children with Suzanne before their marriage crashed in 2017.

Emeka Ike and his ex-wife Suzanne Emma had a posh and lavish wedding ceremony in 2000. 

The massive ceremony was so beautiful many though the couple’s marriage would last forever due to the joy on their faces during the lavish ceremony.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Suzanne filed for a divorce at the Lagos Island Customary Court on July 13, 2015.

The estranged couple had one of the most controversial divorces in Nollywood history. Emeka Ike’s divorce process lasted for two years before it was finalized in 2017. It was filled with a lot of accusations, rumours, and bitterness between the two parties.

Suzanne Emma accused her ex-husband of molestation, torture and incessant beating, saying her health was at risk if she continued living with Emeka Ike.

Emeka Ike who was at that time the factional president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria denied the allegation, stating that he has never been a wife beater. 

The actor alleged that some members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria including Ibinabo Fiberisima were the brain behind his marital issues.

Emeka Ike and Suzanne Emma’s marriage was dissolved by a 3-man panel in 2017 with Emeka Ike having the custody of their four children, while their mother was granted the right to visit them anytime.

Reeling from the bitter battle, which spiiled into his professional life, Emeka took a break from Nollywood.

Actor Emeka Ike new wife Yolanda met him around this time and their romance took off.

yolanda pfeiffer

Emeka Ike narrates how Suzanne Emma destroyed his life

Before meeting his new wife, Emeka Ike had to endure hell at the hands of his ex-wife.

While featuring as a guest on Channels Television programme Rubbin’ Minds, hosted by Hero Daniels, Ike said his ex-wife’s assault allegations made him lose properties worth millions of naira.

He said he did not come out to clear the air over the domestic violence allegations against him because the people “bullying” him were on social media.

“I didn’t come on the internet space to clarify the allegations against me because it’s difficult to clarify because the same people that were bullying me on the internet, they were still there. They are gonna say, ‘Don’t mind him. He is still missing her. Move on.’ he said.

“And if you’re not prepared to handle it, you will be crushed. 

“My secondary school, St. Nicholas College, on CMD road, Magodo, was shut down. Over N480 million investment that year was shut down. And all I heard was constant battery. 

“I was like, ‘I don’t beat this lady. What’s going on? Babe, what’s going on? They said I beat you, do I?’

And she [my ex-wife] said, ‘No. But you’re a star, you know, they can always manipulate things and all that.’ 

“So, I was gullible until I discovered that she was actually the one behind all this whole thing. Some ladies are too desperate for marriage legally. And she actually told me one time that I am not the marriage type. And I didn’t understand it. So, the young men need to know that there are plenty ladies that are not the marriage type lately.”

He said he sponsored his ex-wife’s higher education but didn’t know that he wasn’t “loved in return.”

“She [my ex-wife] went to divorce herself. She said, ‘Judge, please, divorce me, I want to go.’ I said, ‘Kilode? Where are you going?’ I was on my knees. Felix Duke was on his knees. My sisters were on their knees in court. Even the people that came with my ex-wife to court were on their knees. They said, ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong with you?’ We didn’t understand what was going on in her psychology,” he recalled.

Emeka Ike added he believes his ex-wife was being blackmailed by some unscruplous elements to destroy his life.

Emeka Ike and new wife daughter

Emeka Ike new wife daughter

Emeka Ike new wife Yolanda welcomed one child with the actor so far.

Their daughter was born in 2019 and is currently 4 years old.

The family lives together in Germany where the actor has now become a pastor as well.

Emeka Ike now often shares videos of him preaching and praying on the altar of God. He’s now deeply rooted in the things of God. 

One post reads: “I am not your regular PASTOR. Dont calĺ me PASTOR. I am a GOD’S CHILD

“Being called a CHRISTIAN is not my fashion… l am …A JESUS like. Live like your GOD. LIVE A CHRIST-LIKE style …NOT A CHRISTIAN…That is the RELIGION…”


Emeka Ike (born 22 March 1967) is a Nigerian actor. How old is Emeka Ike? Emeka Ike is 56 years of age.

He was a special guest in Monrovia on the occasion of the commissioning of the new pavilion of Center for Democratic Change CDC, in Liberia.

Emeka Ike is known for A Million Tears 2 (2006), I Swear (2004) and A Million Tears (2006).

Emeka Ike was born on March 22nd, 1967 in Lagos but is a native of the Imo State. 

He was raised in Lagos and can speak the Yoruba language fluently. 

He attended Yaba College of Technology and later proceeded to the University of Lagos where he bagged a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Emeka was introduced to acting in the 1990s  when he met a senior colleague, Ernest Obi who introduced him to a popular producer, Charles Owoyemi. 

In 1995, he starred in the first hit movie, Deadly Affair, and gained popularity in Nollywood. 

Emeka Ike would go on to become one of the biggest names in Nollywoood.

His movies include…

After My Heart

Test My Heart

Strength of a woman

A Can of Worms

Love Affair


My Love

Secret Act

Housemates and the man

The Snake Girl

My Last Wedding

Heavy Battle

Wind of Love

100 Days in the Jungle

Not Man Enough


Day break

Working for Love

Under Pressure

In total, Emeka Ike has starred in over 300 movies.

He has been married twice, first to Suzanne Emma and later to Emeka Ike new wife Yolanda.

Emeka Ike went into hiding after his divorce in which his ex wife accused him of being a wife beater.

He said his Secondary school, Saint Nicholas College, Magodo, Lagos was shutdown and over 480 million Naira investment went down the drain and due to his ex’s constant battery (assault) claims.

He said his ex-wife schemed and stole 80% of his possessions and properties during their divorce as he was outside at the time.

He said the young men need to know that there are plenty ladies that are not the marriage type lately and they are the ones that get men first, adding that the good ladies don’t show the signs one needs to see to want to go to a party with. But those ladies that show one what one needs to see will eventually mess on up.

His comments were agreed with by some social media users.

One comment wrote: “I was NOT shocked watching Emeka Ike’s interview as he finally gave his own detailed side of the story about his failed marriage after over 10yrs. Most men can relate to his silence all along or his choosing NOT to speak in detail until now. Let me say this for the first time publicly; I don’t think men should look for love in women when looking for a lifetime partner. 

“Look for and gauge the depth of respect first. Secondly, background and character. Forget “love”. If you are already very successful before looking for a woman to marry, love should be entirely ruled out. 

“It’s near impossible for an already successful man to find a woman who loves him. At a certain status, it would be naive to believe any “I love you”. You see, besides a Mother’s love for her Son, there are NOT a lot of modern women on earth capable of loving a man as a husband. I don’t mean the “love” that’s easily thrown around anyhow,”

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