Baxter Hosley Car Accident – Baxter and Thievin Dead in Car Crash

Baxter Hosley is a popular Tiktoker and fitness instructor who has passed away in a car accident in Houston.

Hosley and another Tiktoker known as Thievin were driving together when their car got involved in the crash.

The two young men both perished, losing their lives in tragic manner.

Details of the crash has been scarce but some information is starting to emerge about the duo and the car crash that stole their lives.

In this article, we look at more details about the Baxter Hosley car accident

Baxter Car Crash

baxter car crash

Popular fitness instructor Baxter Hosley, 22, died in a car accident in Houston on March 10th, 2024.

Baxter Hosley was with a fellow Tiktoker, Thievin, also 22, when they both died in a crash.

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Ekkovision, a supplements company both Hosley and Thievin worked with, shared a post on their Tiktok page confirming the news of Baxter Hosley and Thievin dying in a car accident.

“Sunday March 10th we lost two of our brothers. The family lost their sons in a horrific event. At this moment we ask you guys to please send your prayers to Baxter and Thievin and their family and the ekko team. At this moment we will not share any further details to honor family’s wishes,” the post read.

“We will of course work with their family to continue to support them. We will keep you guys posted with funeral information as we have them.

“We already got both families blessing and permission to continue to produce their signature products with ekko, and have structured a plan to work closely with the family to continue to support by sharing the profit of their signature products to help them as we believe that is what Thievin and Baxter would want.

“Rest in peace Baxter and Thievin,”

According to reports, Baxter Hosley was traveling with another Tiktoker, Thievin, when the crash occurred.

Other tiktok pages have reported on the sad news of the death of Baxter Hosley.

“I have some heartbreaking news. TikTokers, Baxter, and Theven have sadly passed away. For those of you that might be unfamiliar with the both of them, they both were content creators on TikTok and other social media platforms and both their content mainly centered around fitness,” Tiktoker Brandon Conner reported on the devastating news.

He continued: “Personally, I would see their videos all over my For You page, and I actually used a lot of their video to help me with my own fitness journey as well. The both seem to be very good friends. They had very entertaining and informative content, but sadly recently on March 10th, 2024, the both of them were in the same car together when they sadly ended up getting into a car accident and they both ended passing away.

“Now sadly this is 100% true, a bunch of news articles have started to be made about this entire situation, and also the company that the Both of Them worked for, Ekkovision, made a video announcing that both of the them had sadly passed away as well,”

Brandon Conner continued to provide more details: “Baxter and Thieven, whose real name is actually Garrett, were only just 22 years old. They were both just so young. This is just absolutely devastating. My condolences go out to their friends and families and everyone else affected by this.

“This truly absolutely breaks my heart and may they both rest in peace,” he concluded.

On social media, tributes started pouring in for Baxter and Thievin.

“Him (Baxter) and his friend Thievin were two of my favorite weight loss content creators and have been a huge part of my success.

“I can’t imagine what their families and everyone at Ekkovision are going through. For never meeting either of them in person, this one sucks. R.I.P. Bax & Thievin. See you later Bozo’s,” one Logan Clark wrote on Facebook.

Baxter Hosley car accident – who are Baxter and Thievin?

baxter hosley car accident

Baxter Hosley was a 22-year-old fitness trainer and TikTok star from the United States.

He gained prominence on social media through his fitness content.

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His baxter_fit TikTok account boasted 500,000 followers and featured workout videos, product reviews, and healthy food inspirations.

Baxter’s popularity soared after one of his videos titled “Things I regret buying when I first started the gym” garnered over a million views.

He also served as the brand ambassador for the fitness supplement company Ekkovision.

Their collaboration resulted in a pre-workout supplement called “Bax Shots.”

Recently, they announced the reformulation of their product, now known as “Bax Shots 2.0”.

Who is Thievin?

baxter and thievin

Thievin, known as on TikTok, is a content creator with a substantial following.

His TikTok account boasts 5.4 million likes and 77.7K followers.

Thievin shares his fitness journey, including weight loss tips, dieting, and workout routines.

He provides insights into his liquid intake, grocery shopping, and healthy food swaps.

Thievin also explores fast food items and their impact on weight loss.

His videos cover topics like protein powder, protein pancakes, and caloric intake.

Thievin collaborates with Ekkovision, a fitness supplement company.

Together, they offer a pre-workout supplement called “Bax Shots,” which has recently been reformulated as “Bax Shots 2.0” .

Thievin gained attention for showcasing low-calorie foods he purchased at Walmart.

His choices contributed to his impressive 100-pound weight loss.

Thievin’s content resonates with viewers seeking fitness inspiration, practical dieting advice, and glimpses into his weight loss journey.

His engaging videos continue to captivate TikTok audiences worldwide.

Thievin, alongside Baxter Hosley, died in a car accident in Houston on March 10th 2024, with the crash leaving them both dead.


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