Destiny Etiko Husband, Biography, Net Worth, Child

Destiny Etiko husband, biography, child, net worth, age etc – all these are the subject of this comprehensive article.

Destiny Etiko (born 12 August 1989 is a Nigerian actress hailing from  Udi, a village in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Etiko is also a scriptwriter, TV personality and model who gained prominence after portraying Ekemma in the 2014 film Idemili. 

Who is Destiny Etiko husband? Does Destiny Etiko have a husband? Is Destiny Etiko married?

These are all pertinent questions Nigerians are asking about the beloved beautiful actress and we answer them below.

Destiny Etiko husband

destiny etiko husband

Destiny Etiko does not have a husband. She’s not married and has no boyfriend as far as the public knows.

What is known about Destiny Etiko is that she’s been paired with some men in the past but none has been confirmed to be her boyfriend or husband.

Destiny Etiko does not have a child or a husband. 

She is single and has not been in any confirmed relationship. 

She has been linked to some men in the past, such as Ken Erics, Zubby Michael, and Prophet Odumeje, but she denied having any romantic involvement with them. 

She said she is focused on her career and has no plans to get married soon.

One man many people think is Destiny Etiko husband is actor Jerry Williams.

This is due to the fact that the two of them got married in a movie.

In 2020, Destiny Etiko shared a photo of herself in a wedding dress, implying that she was married to Jerry Williams. 

That photo set off all sorts of speculations about the two and to this day raises questions about the relationship between them. This is why people are always searching for Destiny Etiko husband!

However, they later clarified that the photo was from a movie scene, and that they were not romantically involved.

The two shared a strong friendship and bond such as in 2022, when Etiko surprised Williams by inviting him to her movie set. 

She greeted him with hugs, kisses, and compliments, which made many people wonder if they were more than friends.

However, they maintained that they were just platonic partners and colleagues.

Despite their strong bond, Etiko decided to distance herself from Williams after he was suspended by the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for drug use. 

She unfollowed him on Instagram and deleted some of their photos and videos together. 

She also expressed her disappointment and sadness over his situation, and urged him to seek help and rehabilitation.

Why doesn’t Destiny Etiko have a husband?

destiny etiko

Destiny Etiko doesn’t have a husband for one reason and she has spoken about it publicly.

According to her, she has remained single due to her determination not to repeat the “mistake” her mother made by giving up her career to focus on raising a family. 

Destiny’s mother, Mrs Ecuharia Etiko, was once a budding actress herself but had to step away from the limelight to prioritise her family’s needs. 

Destiny Etiko admires her mother’s sacrifices but is determined to strike a balance between her career and personal life.

Meanwhile, one person has offered to become Destiny Etiko husband if she’s ready to accept him.

Popular business mogul and socialite, Opeyemi Falegan, publicly declared his intention to marry Destiny Etiko.

Falegan, a former boyfriend of actress Nkechi Blessing said he is ready to become the husband of Destiny Etiko after the gorgeous actress disclosed in a recent interview that she is still a virgin at 33.

Reacting via his Instagram page, Falegan said he would marry the curvaceous thespian if only she is truly a virgin.

He claimed Eitko has the “best shape in Nollywood and quite outspoken and well educated,” adding that she is his kind of woman.

He said before people think the actress was lying about her virginity status or “can’t fit into Ekiti First Lady”, they should remember that he “had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.”

Destiny Etiko biography

destiny etiko biography

Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, TV personality and model. She has appeared in over 250 Nollywood movies, such as Idemili, Virgin Goddess, Wrong Turn, and Daughters of Eagle. 

She is also known as The Dramadoll, and has over 5 million followers on Instagram. She was born on 12 August 1989 in Udi, Enugu State, Nigeria. 

Destiny Etiko began her educational journey at Zik Avenue Primary School in Enugu State for her primary education before later attending Queens School, Enugu, for her secondary education.

Etiko graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a degree in Theatre Arts. She won the City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress in 2016.

Destiny Etiko described in an interview with Vanguard, that she ventured into the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 2011. 

She described her experience then as a difficult one because she had to combine her acting career with her school requirements as she was still a student in the tertiary institution at the time.

Etiko’s career received prominence after she featured in a movie titled Idemili which was produced in 2012 by Ernest Obi but was not released until 2014. 


Her role in the movie earned her a City People Entertainment Awards nomination. 

Before her role in the movie titled Idemili, Etiko had appeared in other movies although did not receive prominent roles in them.

As mentioned earlier, Destiny Etiko does not have a child or a husband. 

She is single and has not been in any confirmed relationship although she has been linked to some men in the past, such as Ken Erics, Zubby Michael, and Prophet Odumeje, but she denied having any romantic involvement with them. 

She said she is focused on her career and has no plans to get married soon.

Beautiful photo of Destiny Etiko in a wedding gown

Destiny Etiko has numerous hobbies and interests including…

Acting: She has a passion for acting and has appeared in over 250 Nollywood movies. She also writes scripts and produces her own movies.

Modeling: She is a model and a brand ambassador for various products and services. She often posts photos and videos of her outfits and accessories on her Instagram account.

Traveling: She loves to travel and explore new places and cultures. She has visited countries such as Dubai, Turkey, and Ghana. She also travels with her family and friends for vacations and events.

Dancing: She enjoys dancing and often showcases her skills on her social media platforms. She also participates in dance challenges and competitions.

Destiny Etiko is unique in Nollywood in that instead of relocating to Lagos state in order to succeed as a creative, she remained in her home state of Enugu state, where she still resides there and has been living there throughout the course of her acting career.

She also created a non-profit organization called the Destiny Etiko Foundation, intended to improve the conditions of people living in poverty.

Destiny Etiko child

destiny etiko child

Destiny Etiko does not have her own child but she adopted one, a daughter named Chinenye Eucharia.

Chinenye Eucharia was born on March 3 2005 in Enugu State.

A public event in Enugu state in 2021 brought together the Nollywood star and screen queen Destiny Etiko and her future adopted daughter.

Miss Etiko posted a video on her Instagram page of a young girl named Chinenye Eucharia who professed her love for her on the street. 

Chinenye was a loyal and devoted fan of Destiny Etiko for many years. She admired her as a mentor and a movie icon. She braved the security guards to reach her tv idol, and Miss Eucharia finally got to meet Destiny, who took a liking to her and decided to adopt her as a daughter. 

Miss Etiko found Eucharia’s family home and declared that she would help her fulfill her life goals. 

Chinenye’s life changed dramatically after Etiko’s announcement; she became an online sensation in less than a week and amassed over 80k followers on Instagram. 

However, in December 2022, Destiny Etiko broke off all relations with her adopted child. 

She wrote on Instagram that she was done with Eucharia because the girl had stabbed her in the back. 

Etiko said that her former adopted daughter Chinenye Eucharia had wronged her in spite of all the things she had done for her to give her a better life. She renounced all the vows she had made to her, calling her ungrateful. 

The actress did not disclose the exact nature of Eucharia’s betrayal. 

Destiny Etiko child Chinenye Eucharia also unfollowed her mother on Instagram as they blocked each other.

Net worth

destiny etiko net worth

Destiny Etiko is a successful and influential Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, TV personality, and model who has starred in many Nollywood movies and won several awards for her acting skills with estimated net worth between $500,000 and $700,000.

She also owns several luxury cars and properties. 

Etiko is popular among her fans on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.


Destiny Etiko is on Instagram @destinyetikoofficial

Destiny Etiko Instagram has over 5 million followers where she is very popular among her fans. She recently showed off her newly acquired mansion in Enugu state to commemorate her 32nd birthday.

She uses her massive social media following to promote her movie production channel on Youtube.


How old is Destiny Etiko? Born on August 12 1989, Destiny Etiko is 34 years old.

Does Destiny Etiko have a husband? No, Destiny Etiko does not have a husband.

Does Destiny Etiko have a child? No, Destiny Etiko does not have a child.

Is Destiny Etiko married? Destiny Etiko is not married.

What is Destiny Etiko net worth? Destiny Etiko net worth is between $500,000 to $700,000.

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