Firehouse Founding Member CJ Snare Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ After Undergoing Abdominal Surgery

CJ Snare, lead vocalist and a founding member of Firehouse, has died ‘unexpectedly’, the hit singing group announced Sunday.

Snare had undergone abdominal surgery recently and was recuperating to gain enough strength to return to touring when something went wrong.

Firehouse announced in a statement that he passed on Friday, April 5th, 2024.

“Today is a sad day for Rock N Roll. It is with great sorrow we are letting the world know we have lost our brother: CJ Snare, the rock and roll warrior, lead vocalist, and a founding member of Firehouse,” the group wrote on their official Facebook page.

“CJ snare passed unexpectedly at home Friday night, April 5, 2024. He was a young 64 years old,”

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Snare was planning a return to singing and touring with the group this summer once recovered from his surgery.

Tributes flooded social media over the tragic passing of CJ Snare.

His wife, Katherine Little paid tribute to Snare, revealing his tough battle with stage IV colon cancer in recent years.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write this and it’s extremely difficult to find the right words. CJ left this world on Friday, April 5th. I’ve had 8+ wonderful years with this man and I love him to his core,” she said.

Little continued: “In September of 2020, CJ was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. His initial prognosis was grim, but that didn’t stop him. We went for a second opinion and in September of 2021, he had a life-saving operation that gave us these last years with him.

CJ Snare and Katherine Little

“He was so incredibly positive during this whole disease. He was so strong. He never lost hope. All he wanted was to be the CJ that you all know and love,”

Little revealed that Snare started having more issues with his cancer in October last year, necessitating him having yet another surgery.

She said following the October surgery, he became very weak and unable to live a full life as he previously did.

“CJ leaves behind three wonderful children that are all so very special to me. Life will never be the same,” Little said.

CJ Snare had been touring with Firehouse for the past 34 years.

The group had its biggest success when it signed to Epic Records in 1989, landing two top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 with the songs “Love of a Lifetime” in 1991 and “When I Look Into Your Eyes” in 1992.

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