Is Chester Stone Dead? Unraveling Mystery If Chester Stone Is Dead or Alive

Chester Stone has been reported dead by his own manager, who shared the post on April Fool’s Day – but the internet is still asking is Chester Stone alive?

Chester Alexander Stone is an internet personality famous for his authentic style of videos which has made him a cult personality.

Stone has accumulated a massive online following who are always on the watch out for his hilarious videos.

However, sad news has now emerged claiming he is dead which has sent his following into a panic as they attempt to decipher what is happening.

In this article, we take a look at the facts of this case.

Chester Stone Dead

chester stone dead

Chester Alexander Stone was reported dead by his Instagram account, @chesterstone745 ran by his manager, on April 1st, 2024.

The post said Chester Stone’s death occurred on Sunday, March 31st 2024.

Yet while the post was shared on April Fool’s Day, making fans think it was a prank, it has remained up till now, making it not entirely clear if it was actually a publicity stunt or real news of his demise.

The post actually read: “Rest in Peace father Stone. This is Chester Stone’s manager, this page will now rest in legacy of the 745,”

Later on, the post was edited with some of the text taken out.

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It now only reads: “Rest in Peace father stone 🕊🙏🏼”

On the one hand, the editing of the caption makes it suspicious that the news would be real, pointing more towards an April Fool’s prank.

On the other hand, April Fool’s pranks are usually explained away pretty quickly and we’ve now entered April 2nd without any word from Chester Stone or his representatives debunking the post, which remains up on his page!

At this juncture, it’s difficult to tell if Chester Stone is actually dead or alive.

Nevertheless, we are inclined right now to think that Chester Stone’s death is more likely than not and we guess only additional information in the coming days will confirm or deny this news.


Is Chester Stone alive?

is chester stone alive

Chester Alexander Stone aka Chester Stone 745 was reported dead by his manager through his Instagram account on April 1st, 2024.

It’s currently not clear if he’s alive or dead.

Did Chester Stone die?

Reports have emerged that Chester Stone has died, but no corroborating confirmation of the initial claim originating from the ChesterStone745 Instagram account has emerged.

Who is Chester Stone?

Chester Stone, also known as Super D, is an eccentric former Instagram personality known for recording videos in various settings.

He gained a significant following for his content, which includes interactions with people and animals, as well as his music blending reggae and hip-hop1.

Unfortunately, he was banned from Instagram for reasons that are not publicly disclosed, but he continues to post on multiple TikTok accounts.

Chester Stone is also recognized for his presence in East Tampa, particularly around Hope’s Food Store.

Previous death hoax

Previously, in 2021, several social posts, including YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and more, surrounding similar incidents made grand rounds.

However, the internet personality posted his content, proving the rumors to be a hoax with a comeback video.

In his comeback video, he shared a video wearing a black faux jacket, New York cap, and polarized glasses and completely debunked news of his death.

“Breaking News: Chester Stone is alive and well! 💯💪🏽 Expected to come back? No one knows… Follow @chesterstone745 for all the classics,” his comeback post read.

Comments at the time included: “Be careful man,”

Another said: “You look like an extraterrestrial from the Milky Way galaxy, GOD MUTHA FUKING DAMNNN,”

A third comment read: “Long live the king 👑”

Chester Stone obituary

chester stone obituary

Chester Alexander Stone was born on May 31st, 1963 and sadly died on March 31st, 2024 at the age of 60.

Chester Stone, Super D or Chester Stone 745 was an American eccentric ex-Instagram personality, known for “recording whatever he wants, wherever he wants,” as Knowyourmeme described him.

Stone has garnered a big fanbase that supports him – constantly leaving messages to show their love for his content.

According to Knowyourmeme, “Chester Stone is an eccentric ex-Instagram personality, known for recording whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

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“He has garnered a big fanbase that support him – constantly leaving messages to show their love for his content,” the website says.

“He has performed under the name ‘Super D’, creating a blend of reggae and hip-hop music, and has a released single with Rahim Samad. He still refers to himself in videos as ‘Super D’.

“Stone is homeless and lives in Tampa. He frequents Hope’s Food Store, where the owner is equally as eccentric as well,” the entry concludes.

Meanwhile back in 2020, a petition was started by fans of the Super D to have him voice a character in GTA VI.

The petition read: “Chester Stone is an entertainer on the social media platform Instagram under the handle @chesterstone745. He has built a fan base of over 124K and is very active with his individual fans.

“Chester likes to hang out at a Hope gas station in Tampa, Florida, where he films most of his videos and interacts with his fans. Chester Stone could provide the voice for a unique and mysterious character in the upcoming GTA VI,”

Chester Stone was reported dead on April 1st 2024 by his own Instagram account ran by his manager – it remains to be seen how true or not that post was with many fans believing it was an April Fool’s joke.

“Please be April Fools…” one comment we spotted on Reddit said.

“I feel like this is definitely an April fools joke,” said another redditor.

“Had a heart attack ’till i remembered today’s date,” a third redditor added.

April Fool’s

April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day is an annual custom on 1 April consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes.

Jokesters often expose their actions by shouting “April Fools!” at the recipient.

Mass media can be involved with these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day.

The custom of setting aside a day for playing harmless pranks upon one’s neighbour has been relatively common in the world historically.

Although many theories have been proposed, the exact origin of April Fools’ Day is not exactly known.

A disputed association between 1 April and foolishness is in Geoffrey Chaucer‘s The Canterbury Tales (1392).

In the “Nun’s Priest’s Tale”, a vain cock Chauntecleer is tricked by a fox on “Since March began thirty days and two,” i.e. 32 days since March began, which is 1 April.

However, it is not clear that Chaucer was referencing 1 April since the text of the “Nun’s Priest’s Tale” also states that the story takes place on the day when the sun is “in the sign of Taurus had y-rune Twenty degrees and one,” which would not be 1 April.

Some historians suggest that April Fools’ originated because, in the Middle Ages, New Year’s Day was celebrated on 25 March in most European towns, with a holiday that in some areas of France, specifically, ended on 1 April, and those who celebrated New Year’s Eve on 1 January made fun of those who celebrated on other dates by the invention of April Fools’ Day.

Whilst Chester Stone’s death continues to be debated as to whether it was an April Fool’s or not, the likelihood of his passing becomes ever more probable as hours pass without any response to debunk the news.

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