Attention Seeking Couple Korra Obidi and Justin Dean Make Massive U-Turn on Divorce

Singer Kora Obidi and husband Dr Justin Dean might be pulling a fast one on Nigerians as they make a massive u-turn on divorce.

According to the singer’s husband, some claims he made about his wife cheating on him were inaccurate.

Dr Dean claims his allegations that his wife is a serial cheat is untrue and that she only cheated on him once.

His comments appear to be the first softening of position on both sides after their sensational claim of an impending divorce.

Korra Obidi cheated on husband multiple times

Dr Dean took things to a sensational turn in the ongoing saga between him and his wife with a post basically calling her a wh*re.

He claimed that his wife is a serial cheat and has slept with so many men that there is a club named after her ‘kpekus’.

korra obidi husband
Justin Dean Korra Obidi

Dean thoroughly disgraced Obidi, who he also claimed was blackmailing him and a host of other salacious allegations.

At that point, their marriage seemed over for good.

Justin Dean Korra Obidi divorce over?

The impending divorce between Justin Dean and Korra Obidi that we were all expecting might not happen after all.

His new video claims that he was inaccurate in saying his wife cheated on him multiple times.

He said she cheated only once and he forgave her for that and they moved on.

Watch him below…


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