The Child is Not His – Source Dishes on Reason for Quick Divorce Between Korra Obidi and Husband

An explosive allegation has surfaced that one of the two children of singer Korra Obidi might not be for her husband, reason for their divorce.

A social media user has alleged that the behaviour of Dr Justin Dean, Obidi’s husband, could be because he has found out that their elder child is not his.

The American based Nigerian dancer and her dooctor husband have announced that their marriage has hit the rocks.

Dr Dean announced the divorce a few days ago, just about a week after his wife delivered their 2nd child.

According to him, he tried all he could to make it work but he cannot anymore.

The singer also confirmed the divorce a bit later.

Korra Obidi and Husband Argue in Video

Korra Obidi’s husband, Dr Justin Dean, has now hared another video confronting his wife in their home as their crisis takes a turn for the worse.

In the video, Korra is sitting down and Justin is urging her to say something she said to him off-camera again for the world to hear.

Korra complains that she was n*ked and Dr Dean kept saying ‘repeat it’ with anger in his voice.

The video shows how things have deteroriated and drawn reactions from Nigerians.

According to one netizen, Korra cheating on the husband lead to his anger.

The fan wrote: “Worse case scenario he is not the father of Athena! Y’all should let us rest please. There’s still hope in Marriage, kip all dz drama off our faces”

Dr Justin Dean Alleges Cheating

In another post, Dr Dean clarified that cheating, narcicism and blackmail are the reasons why his marriage is over.

“I’m tired of the narcissism, cheating and lack of accountability. I’ve been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says she divorces me.

“I’ve been a prisoner that has his family used against him if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants,” he wrote.


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