Yemi Teases Blue Aiva After Moaning His Name During Their S*xual Escapede

BB Titans notorious playboy Yemi and Blue Aiva have had their first s*xual encounter!

The two housemates got intimate under the sheet last night!

They used their chance to ‘taste their buds‘ as Khosi continues to distance herself.

In a follow-up clip, Yemi and Blue Aiva are seen talking about their s*xual experience.

Yemi is heard teasing Blue Aiva by moaning his name during s*x. He added that he is going to play with Blue Aiva’s cl#t more the next time.

Blue Aiva, on the other hand, is seen giggling and confessing that she really enjoyed it and that is probably why everyone is gushing about him!

These two would definitely be Khosi’s nightmare! Check out the video below;


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