A True Demon – Reactions As BB Titans Yemi Sneaks Out Of Khosi’s Bed To Swap Saliva With Blue Aiva

BB Titans housemate, Yemi Cregx, has earned a moniker as a true demon, after sneaking out of his girlfriend’s bed to spend quality time with his side chick.

Yemi set the internet afire early Sunday following Saturday night’s party, playing two women in the same house sleeping literally feet away from each other!

The Nigerian casanova has been at the centre of a love triangle since the show started, and it seems he’s going to keep playing both ladies till the chickens come home to roost.

Following Saturday night’s party, Yemi was in bed with Khosi but needed to spend time with Blue Aiva hence sneaked out to see her.

Yemi assured her they can still have something going on, left her with a kiss then went back to Khosi!

Social media users lost their minds at Yemi’s duplicity!

In reaction, one fan described Yemi as a ‘true Yoruba demon’.

A true Yoruba demon… I love it,” Siyavuyisana Matomela wrote.

“I’ve never seen anything like this on big brother in fact in my whole life I haven’t see anything like this,” 🔱⭐️Big Debbie said.

Watch Yemi playing a dangerous game with Khosi and Blue Aiva in BB Titans house below…

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