Wizkid Forgot His Roots – Singer Exposed For Abandoning First Mentor Modogg Who’s Now Broke And Suffering

Nigerian singer Wizkid has been called out for abandoning his first mentor Modogg who is now broke and suffering in life.

A social media user known as Hunkle Vick II who describes himself as a ghostwriter and motivational speaker revealed this.

According to him, Modogg, who owned the first studio in Ojuluelegba where Wizkid started his career, is now a broke man suffering to make ends meet.

He revealed that after all these years, Wizkid has done nothing for Modogg despite the fact that he would not be who he is now without him.

wizkid modogg

Hunkle Vick roasted Wizkid for being ungrateful and said other musicians would have taken care of someone so important to them.

He specifically mentioned Olamide as someone who is grateful to those who helped him unlike Wizkid.

“Wizkid started his musical career from modogg studio in ojuluelegba. Today modogg is  broke and he can’t make ends meet… I know him very well,he’s not only my good friend but he’s also my church member. We both were leaders in church,” he fumed.

“You keep coming here to talk nonsense about wizkid helping people,I know some good and kindhearted music stars that never forgot their roots but obviously Wizkid did. It’s a pity… One reason I can never take Wizkid fans serious in this life. Bunch of fake people,” he added.

His post activated Wizkid FC who heavily came after him.

According to them, Wizkid shouted out Modogg in his single Ojuluelegba and gave him his proper props for helping him.

However, others said Modogg would not eat shout outs and needs real money.


Wizkid has currently not reacted to these serious claims of abandoning Modogg.

Check out the post against him below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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