Who Is Ilebaye Father Hon Odiniya?

Who is Ilebaye father Hon Odiniya? Many Nigerians are wondering about the BBNaija star’s paternity after a photo of her father surfaced online.

Ilebaye Odiniya is a Nigerian reality television superstar and current frontrunner to win Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Ilebaye father, Hon Odiniya is trending after a photo of himself with Nigerian senator Dino Melaye surfaced online.

Suddenly, everyone wants to know about who is Ilebaye father? Is it true that he is a politician and wealthy man or is he a simple man who’s daughter is trying her hardest to make life easy for him?

In this article, we take a good look at who is Ilebaye father Hon Odiniya?

Who is Ilebaye Father Hon Odiniya?

ilebaye father hon odiniya

Ilebaye Precious Odiniya was born to her father, Hon Odiniya and her mother, Mrs Odiniya, from the Igala tribe in Kogi State. 

The child actress and reality tv star was born in Olamaboro, located in the Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi. 

Ilebaye attended the Federal Government Girls College in Kabba before moving to Salem University in Lokoja, Kogi State, where she earned her BSc in Criminology and Security Studies. 

She is the CEO of O.I. Clothing.

Ilebaye has been in the public eye since her childhood when she starred on Papa Ajasco, but she really rose to fame after appearing on Big Brother Naija Season 7 dubbed Level Up.

Unfortunately for her, she had a short-lived stay on the show but she would make her comeback a year later on Big Brother Naija Season 8 dubbed All Stars.

In the season, which features top housemates from all the past seasons, Ilebaye unexpectedly rose up as a strong contender.

She started picking traction online and at this point is the heavy favourite the win the whole show.

Ilebaye’s story has been that of an underdog who has been bullied by almost everyone in the house and that has resonated with millions of Nigerians outside which led them to lend her their vote.

Another aspect of Ilebaye’s story is that she came from a humble background to stardom.

Ilebaye father Hon Odiniya, according to all reports, was a a teacher of physical health education (PHE) at the Government Secondary School in Alloma, Ofu, Kogi State, Nigeria.

That explained Ilebaye’s rag-to-riches story but doubt was cast over her claims of coming from a humble background when popular Senator Dino Melaye shared a photo of himself and Ilebaye father Hon Odiniya.

In the photo, Dino Melaye and Hon Odiniya are seen standing as he threw his support behind her daughter. 

Melaye captioned the photo: “With the proud father of Ilebaye of Big Brother Naija. We all support our own. I will vote for Kogi State….vote Ilebaye.” 

For some reason, his post sparked speculations that Ilebaye father is actually a politician and wealthy and that she scammed Nigerians with her origin story.

“So Ilebaye papa na big man sef,” one netizen wrote under Melaye’s post.

“And they wanna tell me she’s broke and can’t afford things 🤭🤭,” another netizen wrote.

A third netizen said: “She’s not poor????,”

Check out Dino Melaye with Ilebaye father below…

It’s clear that people felt a certain narrative about Ilebaye being poor that had been shared was wrong based on the photo of her father with Dino Melaye.

In fact, that is what has led many people to jump online trying to search who is Ilebaye father?

So is Ilebaye’s father a rich politician or a humble schoolteacher?

The fact is, no evidence exists that Ilebaye’s father is a politician aside from his photo with Melaye.

As many people pointed out, what is more likely is that the Senator is trying to ride on the popularity of Ilebaye to help his own in Kogi State by posing with her father – rather than proving that a lot of what Ilebaye has said about herself is false.

Ilebaye Biography

ilebaye biography

Ilebaye Odiniya is a Nigerian reality TV star, entrepreneur, model, and criminologist. She rose to fame after participating in the Big Brother Naija season 7 (Level Up) show in 2022. 

She was one of the most controversial and outspoken housemates in the show, and she gained a lot of fans and followers for her personality and style.

Early Life and Education

As we mentioned earlier, Ilebaye Odiniya was born in 2001 in Kogi State, Nigeria. 

She is from the Igala tribe and hails from a Christian family. 

Ilebaye father is known as Hon Odiniya. He has been in the news recently as we mentioned above.

Ilebaye attended primary and secondary schools in Kogi State, where she excelled academically and socially. 

She was always interested in law and justice, and she decided to pursue a degree in criminology and security studies at the university. 

She graduated with honors and obtained her certificate in 2021.


After completing her education, Ilebaye ventured into entrepreneurship and modeling.

She has a clothing line called OI Clothing Store, which she launched in 2022. 

The clothing line specializes in trendy and fashionable outfits for women of all sizes and shapes. 

Ilebaye also models for her own brand and other brands as well.

The BBNaija star is also a certified criminologist and security expert. 

She has worked with some private and public organizations in Nigeria, providing security solutions and consultancy services. 

Ilebaye is passionate about crime prevention and justice, and she hopes to use her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in society.

BBNaija Season 7 (Level Up)

Ilebaye Odiniya became a household name in Nigeria and beyond when she joined the Big Brother Naija season 7 (Level Up) reality show in July 2022. 

She was the fourth housemate to be unveiled among the 24 contestants in the show. She described herself as a fun Gen Z who cannot stand boring people. 

She also said she was adventurous, controversial, and a go-getter.

Ilebaye was one of the most entertaining and controversial housemates in the show. She was always involved in heated arguments, drama, and fights with other housemates. She was also known for her blunt and nonchalant attitude, which sometimes annoyed her fellow housemates and viewers. 

All this led to an early eviction for Ilebaye, who left the Level Up house without winning but made an impact in the minds of viewers that would be important for later.

BBNaija All Stars

In 2023, Ilebaye Odiniya was invited to participate in the Big Brother Naija All Stars show, which featured some of the most popular and successful housemates from previous seasons of the show. 

The show was a special edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Big Brother Naija franchise in Nigeria.

Ilebaye was one of the 18 housemates who entered the All Stars house in September 2023. 

Ilebaye was more mature and calm in the All Stars show, compared to her previous appearance in the Level Up show. Although she got into arguments, she was more calculating this time and often ended looking like a victim hence gathering a strong fanbase who wanted to protect her from housemates ganging up on her.

Ilebaye showed her competitive and strategic side, as she won some tasks and challenges in the house. She also made it to the finale after winning the Head of Hous games for the penultimate week.

During this period, news started trening about Ileabye father. There were claims he was a rich politician but her fans dismissed it as a ploy to reduce her votes.

Ilebaye Net worth

Ilebaye Odiniya is a Nigerian reality tv star with a net worth of N6m.

She has accumulated thos from her various sources of income including her clothing line, modeling gigs, security consultancy, and reality TV shows.

Ilebaye has also bagged several endorsement deals and ambassadorial roles from different brands and organizations. 

Ilebaye Odiniya is very active and popular on social media. 

She has millions of followers and fans across different platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Here are some of Ilebaye’s social media handles:


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