No Be You Run Mad Chasing Nini? – BBNaija Saga Trolled After Claiming He Doesn’t Believe In Chasing Women

BBNaija: Shine Ya Eye star Saga Adeolu has been heavily trolled after claiming he doesn’t believe in chasing women!

Saga made the claim during a recent appearance on a podcast.

The show discussed how long a man should chase a woman before deciding to give up the chase.

Saga said he doesn’t believe in chasing women, to the shock of the entire panel and Nigerians at home.

saga chasing women

According to him, he believes in becoming friends with a lady and then asking her out.

Saga said if you ask a lady out and she’s not interested, you try a little bit more to win her over.

If after that she’s still playing hard to get, you move on.

Fans quickly jumped on Saga for his claim, reminding him about how he chased after Nini like a lost puppy throughout his stay in the Big Brother House.

“No be you saga😂” one fan wrote.

“Coming from someone that almost ran mad when he didn’t see nini 😂😂” another fan wrote.

Even the host of the show was shocked and said if anyone in the world should say they don’t believe in chasing women, it shouldn’t be Saga.

Watch video below…


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