Who Said We’re Dating? – Moment Nini Humiliated Saga AGAIN

BB Naija Nini once again humiliated Saga her love interest in the house after she quickly shut down his claim that they’re dating.

Saga and Nini have been inseparable since the show started, although Nini continues to maintain that she has a boyfriend outside the house.

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That has not stopped Saga from chasing her around everywhere she goes. And Nini also entertains him and they do everything together.

They even spend time together under their duvet at night doing only God knows what.

In light of that, Saga has started assuming he’s dating Nini.

During a recent time they spent together, Saga dared to call himself Nini’s boyfriend and she quickly reminded him they’re not dating.

According to her, they are not dating so Saga should disabuse himself of that notion.

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Someone’s going to be in tears soon.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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