Nigerian Judge Justice Olugbenga Soyele Sworn Is As First African-born Judge In Canada

A Nigerian judge in Canada, Justice Olugbenga Soyele, has been sworn in as the first-ever African-born judge in the country.

A swearing-in ceremony held for Justice Soyele has emerged on social media, showing the historic moment.

Olugbenga Soyele is a Nigerian-born judge who attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Ilé-Ifè (formerly the University of Ifè) for his bachelor of laws in 1980 and his master of laws in 1984.

He earned a Doctor of Philosophy of laws in 1995 in Nigeria and a Master of laws from the University of Alberta in 2003. He worked as a law professor in Nigeria and practised in Edmonton, most recently as legal counsel for the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.

Described as a ‘brilliant mind’ by friends and foes alike, Justice Soyele has served at different times as Queen’s Counsel and King’s Counsel.

The swearing-in ceremony for the 62-year-old judge was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and was attended by a throng of family and friends.

Nigerian-born Olugbenga Shoyele, QC, is one of the eight new judges appointed to the Provincial Courts of Alberta, Edmonton Criminal Division.

Congratulations to the Nigerian Justice Soyele for becoming the first African-born judge to be sworn in as a judge in Canada!

Meanwhile, another Nigerian making the country proud abroad in the vein of Justice Soyele is Foster Igbinosa.

Foster Igbinosa emerged as one of the top performers in the digital master’s degree program at Rutgers University, with an exceptional GPA of 3.94/4. 

The US-born Nigerian student living in the United States, said he overcame numerous challenges, such as working a full-time job and managing personal projects to achieve this academic success.

His outstanding performance reflects his unwavering dedication to learning and mastering complex concepts in this field.

A statement in celebration of his feat noted that the academic excellence is a significant accomplishment for any student, but it is even more impressive in a highly competitive field like digital marketing.

“Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, the best-graduating student with a 3.94 GPA in the digital master’s degree programme at Rutgers University is a shining example of the hard work, dedication, and commitment needed to excel in this field.

“One of the most impressive qualities that set Foster apart is his ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications.

“He has consistently demonstrated a strong understanding of leveraging digital technologies to solve complex business problems. Through various projects, exams, and assignments, he has showcased an impressive ability to analyze data, develop effective solutions, and communicate the results clearly and concisely.


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