My Younger Sister Snatched My Husband After Standing In For Me During My Traditional Wedding – Germany-Based Nigerian Woman Cries

A Nigerian woman based in Germany shed bitter tears as she narrated how her own younger sister wrecked her marriage by snatching her husband.

The German-based Nigerian woman released a lengthy video on social media to tell her story amidst tears.

According to her, she and her man both travelled to Germany without papers.

After a while, she agreed with her man for him to marry a German woman to receive his papers.

After three years, they divorced and he came back to her but she still hadn’t received her papers.

Along the way, she became pregnant and to avert shame, begged her husband to marry her traditionally, at least.

He, therefore, had to travel back to Nigeria to hold her traditional wedding rights since she still didn’t have her documents.

During the traditional wedding, her sister stood in for her as traditionally happens.

However, his husband and sister somehow fell in love and started a clandestine relationship.

Back in Germany, her husband hid his love for her sister from her and impregnated her two more times.

Eventually, she got tired and asked for him to marry her for real back home at which point his affair with her younger sister was exposed!!!

Check out the lady narrating the shocking story below…


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