Halima Abubakar Confesses Gistlover Shocking Revelations Of Faking Pregnancy Out of Fibroid And Apostle Suleman Affair

Controversial Nigerian blogger Gistlover has exposed chats between himself and actress Halima Abubakar confirming allegations of an affair with Apostle Suleman.

In the chats, the actress confirmed the gist revealed by the blogger years ago that she denied back then.

A few years ago, Halima Abubakar announced that she’s given birth to a child.

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Gistlover attacked her for deceiving Nigerians.

The blogger claimed that Halima never got pregnant but rather has fibroids.

Gistlover also alleged she started getting the illness after a shocking affair with Apostle Suleiman.

Halima denied everything and rained curses on the blogger.

Nigerians also attacked Gistlover for attacking a new mum.

Lo and behold, Halima has confessed everything now.

Gistlover has released shocking chats between himself and the actress in which she confessed everything.

Sharing the chat on social media with video and photo evidence, the blogger warned the youth to never think celebrities have it easy in life.

“…Sometimes last year we woke up one beautiful morning and Halima posted that she just gave birth, I came after her so bad that she should stop lying and she debunked immediately with videos and pictures of pregnancy and even babies. A lot of people tagged me a liar, said I am evil, I don’t like good things, yen yen yen. fast forward to some years after the truth is here, why is it that people wait for me to bring up gist before they speak up? 

“So Halima has been bottling this Suleman pain for years until I made my findings and posted the gist before she could speak up, according to her,  after kn*cking Suleman for close to two years and he was sponsoring her big time, bought house for her and all, she woke up one morning and she started having that pain that was where her woes began. 

“She was carried everywhere and they all pointed at just one powerful person. According to her, ever since the sickness started Apostle Suleman stopped giving her money completely. Before we know what’s going on, she started having protruding belle, the belle grew so big that it looked so much like a pregnant woman…She thought of what to do with the belle just to cover her shame because people were beginning to ask her if she was pregnant.”

Check out Gistlover’s expose below with photo and video evidence.

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Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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