Sad As Davido Loses Another Close Friend Tommy, Allegedly Via Drowning

Superstar singer Davido has lost another close friend known as Tommy, yet another close associate of the famous singer to die.

Tommy allegedly passed away by drowning, although that’s yet to be confirmed.

Davido friend Tommy

A distraught Davido announced the passing of Tommy on his Instagram story just a few minutes ago.

Davido shared a video of him and Tommy in which he was wishing him a happy birthday.

He captioned the video: “Tommy why,” with a series of heartbroken emojis.

The singer is clearly broken over the passing of his friend and is in a sad state.

Checkout Davido’s video announcing Tommy’s passing below…

The death of another close associate of Davido is set to spark off conversations once again over how often he loses those close to him.

In the past few years, many people in Davido’s inner circle have passed including his bodyguard TJ, his close aide Obama DMW and recently his photographer, Fortune.

Who is Tommy, Davido friend who died?

Tommy DNC Olawale is a New York City-based model, fashionista, influencer and entertainer.

Davido and Tommy are apparently close, as shown by the singer’s reaction to his passing.

How Did Tommy DMW Die?

Davido’s friend, Tommy Olawale DNC, reportedly died during a boat cruise.

He allegedly drowned.

Tommy shared a photo from his boat cruise online showing him chilling on a boat.

A few hours later, he sadly passed away via drowning.

Tommy Davido friend pictures

Checkout photos of Tommy below…

Tommy DNC Olawale


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