Dirty Beggar Boy – Run When You See Me – Mompha Threatens Bobrisky After Being Exposed

Social media big boy Mompha has sent a strong warning Bobrisky to run away whenever he sees him because he’s bringing war to Lagos.

Mompha is angry and out of his mind after Bobrisky dragged him into his beef with Tonto Dikeh for the second time in a few weeks.

Everytime Bobrisky beefs Tonto, Mompha’s name ends up in the beef.

It has happened once again with Bobrisky bringing Mompha into his latest beef with his ex-bestie.

Mompha was unhappy and came out to debunk Bobrisky’s claims which led Bobrisky to also start exposing Mompha.

He released chats and voice notes of Mompha chatting with him which put him in a bad light.

An angry Mompha has threatened to beat up Bobrisky if he ever meets him in person again.

Check Mompha’s threat against Bobrisky below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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