Bobrisky’s Father Busted Doing Kabu Kabu Driver in Lagos Whilst he Sits on Social Media Bragging He’s Rich

Bobrisky has been exposed for the 100th millionth time after her attempt at bragging once again went wrong.

Bobrisky went on social media to confidently claim that he’s far richer than people even consider him to be.

According to him, he just bought a 800m naira hotel in Lekki, Lagos.

The social media nuisance also claims that he owns a big petrol station in Lagos as well.

According to Bob, he’s making money all the time whilst people sit online and batter him with insults.

He wrote: “I have a gas station popularly known as petroleum station in Lekki. My lawyer ask me not to share dis information with no one.

“It’s kept as a secret because we don’t want it known to the public yet. Many of you here in Lagos have bought fuel there.

“The more insult I get from people daily I turn it to money…there is this hotel they want to sell in Lekki phase 1 for 800 million. When I told the guy I want buy it the guy was shocked. I told them them I want to spread the payment for three months. The guy didn’t believe until I make first payment on the 11th,”

Bobrisky then shared a supposed receipt from this transaction.

This immediately activated a social media user to come out and expose Bob.

According to the user, Bobrisky’s father has been spotted working as a kabu kabu driver yet he’s always online bragging.

The fan exposed Bob: “We have finally found Lie lie Muhammed younger brother his name is Bob, if he has all this money 💰 then why the father dey do kabu kabu driver ? for federal Palace Hotel just saying respectfully,”

Bobrisky always has some useless bragging to do and people are always on hand to expose his real life.

Check Bobrisky’s post below and the comment reply…


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