Did Davido Beat Chioma? The Full Story

Did Davido beat Chioma? Rumours are swirling that Nigerian superstar Davido has been assaulting his wife, Chioma.

The rumours have many people searching, did Davido beat Chioma?

Join us in this article as we break it all down.

Did Davido beat Chioma?

did davido beat chioma

The rumour goes that Nigerian music superstar Davido assaults his wife, Chioma Rowland.

The origin of the rumour is not clear, but our online records indicates it dates back to the ‘beef’ American entrepreneur and alleged Davido baby mama, Anita Brown had with the artist.

Amidst that beef, she claims that Davido beat Chioma and that Chioma cannot do anything about it.

She added that no man can domesticate and assault her in such a manner.

Anita Brown claimed that the DMW boss once beat his wife, Chioma “mercilessly” over a “so-called side chick.”

davido new baby mama anita brown pictures

She also alleged that the 30-year-old singer was manipulating Chioma, stressing that their marriage is toxic.

She wrote, “It’s sad because he’s really a woman beater, for real. I should have known since he’s a liar, manipulator, and control freak,”

Brown added: ” “Free Chioma out of the abusive relationship! Physically abusive and mentally abusive.”

Reacting to the allegation, Israel DMW who expressed shock over Anita’s claims said nemesis,”

However, these rumours have not been confirmed by anybody.

Isreal DMW, a close aide to Davido, rubbished the report when it came out.

And Chioma herself has spoken on this question of did Davido beat Chioma before.

A few years ago, it was alleged that Davido beat his wife-to-be Chioma which caused the latter to pack her bag and baggage out of the singer’s house.

But in her response, Chioma categorically stated that the reports are false and that bloggers love to spread ‘all sorts of rumours’.

davido beat chioma

She wrote: “I know you guys absolutely love to spread all sorts of rumours and stories for your entertainment and I’ve known from Day 1 what to expect from blogs and the internet especially with myself and family being in the public space. I have never once come out to respond to any blogger or react to any rumour mongers before as quite frankly it has never been my nature to engage in online battles or pay too much mind to social media.

“But I must say I have found quite disturbing the stories of domestic abuse between myself and David and for once feel a need to speak up. Domestic violence and abuse is NO JOKE and not something to ever take lightly. Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home.

“He has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me and I have never so much as even pushed him. I believe with everything we peddle as human beings whether offline or online, we should have a bit of fear of God more so when speaking on things we know absolutely nothing of. I’m not sure where in the world such stories have started from, but I want to ensure everyone showing concern whether fake or real, that such has never and will never happen.

“Further, we do not take such allegations of abuse lightly at all and if such persists then we will be jointly taking up action against the perpetrators of these disgusting rumors.

“To the beautiful young ones out there, never ever allow a man to lay his hands on you while you keep quiet. If you were ever to suffer such, ensure you SPEAK UP! With all that is going on in the world right now, we most certainly can not sit around and condone or encourage women to condone such! Love, Chioma” she wrote on Instagram,”


Chioma and Davido have been a lovely couple for so long it seems crazy people are even asking did Davido beat Chioma?

Below is Chioma Davido biography.

Chioma was born in Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria, where she grew up with her two sisters, Jenifer and Ifunanya.

Chioma Rowland went to a public primary school in Owerri, Imo State. She then attended a secondary school in the same state, where she received her African senior school certificate.

She furthered her education at Babcock University reading economics. Chioma dropped out of University in the 3rd year after meeting Davido.

Chioma Davido hit it off immediately as they were students of the same school. The chef dropped out of school to follow Davido to tour the world.

Davido wed Chioma in November 2022 after the sad death of their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke. Ifeanyi died aged 3 after drowning.

Chioma Davido both rocked new rings on their ring fingers during their first public appearances after the death of their son.

They married in a traditional ceremony Davido’s father’s house in the presence of a few family and friends.

Aside Chioma, Davido has three baby mamas – Sophia Momodu, mother of his daughter Imade; Amanda aka Laplubelle, mother of his daughter Hailey and Larissa, mother of his son Dawson.

sophia momodu married
Davido with Sophia Momodu

Chioma was mother of his son, Ifeanyi, until his untimely death, and is now the mother of his twins.

Davido’s net worth is a whopping $50m. He is one of the richest musicians in Africa.

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