Details of How Cubana Chief Priest’s Sister Caught Maria in her Husband’s Room in Dubai Exposed

More details of Maria’s shocking marriage wrecking life have been released by Cubana Chief Priest.

According to Cubana, there was a time that his sister caught Maria red-handed in her husband’s home in Dubai.

Cubana has narrated how Maria has been shamelessly chasing Kelvin, his brother-in-law.

In a post on Instagram, he reveals that Kelvin has stopped picking his wife’s calls and is in Dubai chilling with Maria

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When the concerned wife went all the way to Dubai to find her husband, she met Maria at the door, dressed in her husband’s clothes.

Cubana revealed this shocking detail as he reveals that his sister is in the process of divorcing Kelvin.

According to him, she is ready to move on from the marriage and all she wants is for Maria to leave her alone and stop threatening her.

He wrote on Instagram: “Divorce Was Just Served Barely A Month Ago, We No Dey Post Receipt With Ink Cover Slide To See Date, My Sister Gave Up The Marriage After Finding Out Kelvin Sponsored The Big Brother Movement And Also When She Came To Dubai To See The Husband Who Does Not Pick Calls Again And Low N Behold Maria Opened The Door For Her Putting On The Husbands Tshirt.

“I Personally Gave Kelvin Who Managed Maria’s Account While She Was In Big Brother And I Also Intorduced Them To @pauloo2104 For Management, All We Ask Is Let Her Not Receive Threats Again She Has Moved Out Of Their Matrimonial Home In Owerri To Abuja Few Days Ago To Get A New Life, Let Her Be Respected. They Were Never Divorced Since 2018, She Just Started The Process Which He Is Yet To Respond,”

At the moment there is no denying that Maria is a homewrecker.

As Cubana’s sister is divorcing her husband now, the BB Naija star is probably going to take over the man.

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She should just hope no other side chick would later come and do to her what she just did to Cubana’s sister!


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