Kelvin Exposed – Full Details of Maria’s Sugar Daddy and Properties he Owns

BB Naija Maria is in hot soup after she was exposed for having an affair with a married man named Kelvin.

Popular celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest called out Maria bitterly over the weekend.

He revealed that the reality tv star and Dubai based realtor is having an affair with his sister’s husband known as Kelvin.

Cubana also called out Maria for daring to threaten his sister after their affair was discovered.

Cubana took to social media to rant: “There is nothing sweeter than family, wives stay woke girls like @mariachikebenjamin are coming for your husbands, she stole my sister’s husband as if that’s not enough she is sending her threats. That I won’t let it slide. Kelvin I dey find Una come that Dubai! Nothing must happen to my sister,”

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Cubana also sent a warning to Kelvin: “Maria Chike Benjamin, how on Earth will you threaten a married woman who has male and female offspring to leave her husband for you. You keep showing off the expensive gifts and cars her husband bought for you just to taunt her.

“Kelvin, am so ashamed of you. I know that all men are cheaters but never make your hone miserable for your wife to the extent that your side chick calls her to threaten her,” he wrote.

Who Is Kelvin that BBNaija Maria is allegedly dating?

Kelvin is apparently a Nigerian rich man who like other rich men cannot keep his pants zipped at all!

He evidently has business dealings in Dubai, where Maria works, explaining how their relationship might have started.

Kelvin owns the Range Rover that Maria was recently flaunting, and his reflection could be seen in the back seat.

The video of N25m meant for shopping in Dubai that Maria flaunted in the car also clearly captures a reflection of ‘Kelvin’s iPhone’ on the car’s stereo.

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The expensive Hublot watch Maria flaunted recently has also been spotted on Kelvin’s wrist!

Long story short, almost every single thing Maria has flaunted since coming out of the BB Naija house comes from Kelvin!

If Maria builds a house tomorrow, know that it came from Kelvin.


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