Cross or Whitemoney Would Be Evicted for Us to Join the Final – Pere Tells Angel

General Pere is still in shock after he and Angel were put in a room to compete for a final spot in the BB Naija Season 6 finale.

Big Brother had a twist for last night’s eviction show – only four housemates were left in the house as all those up for nomination were seemingly evicted except Whitemoney.

Saga, Nini and Queen were evicted for real, but Pere and Angel were sent to the ‘White Room’ and asked to compete in a toy game for the final spot in the grand finale.

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Whilst stuck in the White Room together, Pere refused to believe that either he or Angel had been evicted.

He told her that he thinks Biggie is playing a game with them and they are still in the competition.

According to Pere, he believes either Whitemoney or Cross would be sent out of the house and he and Angel would be reinstated in the competition.

Pere appears to be playing mind games on Angel as they are competing for the last spot in the final.

By getting her to not take the game seriously because Biggie would add them to the final anyway, he hopes he would be able to defeat her!

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Question now is, would Angel fall for it?

We would see that for sure by the end of today…


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