Burna Boy and Symba Allegedly Kn*cking Like Bunnies After She Defending Him Over Club Shooting – Juicy Gist

Burna Boy and Symba, a popular Nigerian-American model and str*pper, are allegedly kn*cking each other like bunnies.

Controversial blogger Cutie Juls alleges that the two are sm*shing lowkey and have been doing so very often in recent days.

The claim comes after Symba recently fiercely jumped to Burna Boy’s defence after being involved in an incident of nightclub violence.

Burna Boy Symba

You may recall Burna Boy was involved in an alleged shooting at a nightclub recently.

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He allegedly was hitting on a woman who refused his advances multiple times with her husband present.

It appears a brawl broke out over Burna Boy’s behaviour and his crew shot and injured a few people.

Reacting to the incident, Symba claimed that the married woman was probably throwing herself at Burna Boy and angered her husband and not Burna Boy chasing her as the story claimed.

“I feel sorry for all the victims involved but let’s keep it 100 percent official. I would put my last dollar and say that the young lady in question at one point before the altercation might have locked eyes with Burna because it’s just normal for people in a club once a celebrity comes in to stare in their direction,” she said.

Her staunch defence of Burna Boy raised eyebrows and Cutie claims she knows why.

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Writing on Instagram, the blogger said: “The way Burna has been steady knacking Symba on this his trip eehn, I know Symba has cashed out good. Symba !! 😩”

Fans in reaction expressed no shock and said they now know exactly why Symba rushed to defend Burna Boy after committing violence.

“Na why she come out to support burna when he got called out for shooting people in the club over a married woman. Homegirl said the married woman was probably throwing herself at burna. I just knew something was up. Aunty finally got the attention she was looking for,” one netizen wrote.

Check out Cutie Jul’s gist on this issue below…

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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