Blessing CEO Allegedly Dating Accused Wife-Killer Ikechukwu Ogbonna aka IVD

Blessing CEO is doing all she can to get accused wife-killer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna aka IVD off the hook for murder, leading to speculation she’s knacking him.

Netizens alleged a relationship must exist between the two for Blessing to be acting in such a manner.

On Tuesday, IVD was brought before a court in Lagos State, where he was slapped with charges of manslaughter in regard to his wife, Bimbo, dying in a fire.

The businessman was remanded into custody at the Kirikiri prisons.

Blessing CEO accompanied IVD to court and is now being caused of having hired a squad of boys to cheer for him and bath him with white powder in case he had been released. As it turns out, he was remanded to prison cells and Okoro allegedly has refused to pay the boys she hired!

She has also apparently been posting on the IG account of IVD to give off the impression he’s been freed!

Blogger Cutie Juls called her out in a post that can be seen below…


Fans quickly jumped to conclusions over why Okoro is so invested in IVD’s freedom.

“Maybe he has promised her 1 car,” one netizen wrote.

“This woman will honestly wish she didn’t start all these things she’s doing coz eh, man! man!! man!!! Na man wey blessing dey always warn people about she dey play with, make she no worry sha, karma is a b&itch and it’s always punctual,” another fan wrote.

IVD’s wife, Bimbo, on Saturday, October 15, 2022, was trapped in a fire, which gutted their home in Megamound Estate, Lekki, Lagos, leaving her severely injured, while IVD escaped with minor burns.

He faces manslaughter charges in regard to her death as the couple had a series of violent domestic incidents in recent years.


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