BB Titans Nominations Week 2 – How The Housemates Voted As Yemi Cregx And Nelisa Up For Eviction

BB Titans entered into week 2 with the live nominations show held after the head-of-house games which was won by the pair of Blaqboi and Ipeleng.

Big Brother’s current twist relates to placing the housemates into pairs. They are to play the games as a pair and whatever action one takes affects the other.

In that vein, the nomination show also followed the same pattern, with each housemate pairing nominating two pairs of housemates for possible eviction.

After the voting session, four pairs of housemates – Yemi Cregx and Nelisa, Justin and Yvonne, Sandra and Theo and Olivia and Juicy Jay – were put up for possible eviction on Sunday.

BB Titans Nominations Week 2 – How The Housemates Voted

Voting for BB Titans week 2 occurred in pairs as per the new twist introduced by Big Brother.

Each housemate pairing chose one member to go into the diary room and nominate four housemates – two pairs – to be evicted.

Check how housemates voted for the BB Titans nominations week 2 show below…

Thabang and Nana: Theo & Sandra, Justin & Yvonne

Nelisa and Yemi Cregx: Sandra & Theo, Justin & Yvonne

Juicy Jay and Olivia: Thabang & Nana, Sandra & Theo

Jaypee and Lukay: Sandra & Theo, Yemi & Nelisa

Yvonne and Justin: Tsatsii & Bubuu, Yemi & Nelisa

Tsatsii and Ebubu: Sandra & Theo, Jaypee & Lukay

Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr: Jaypee & Lukay, Olivia & Juicy Jay

Yaya and Marvin: Sandra & Theo, Khosi & Miracle OP

Jenni O and Mmeli: Sandra & Theo and Tsatsii & Ebubu

Sandra and Theo: Miracle OP & Khosi, Thabang & Nana

Miracle OP and Khosi: Ebubu & Tsatsii, Theo & Sandra

Ipeleng and Blaqboi: Justin & Yvonne, Yemi Cregx & Nelisa

BB Titans Week 2 housemates up for eviction

The housemates up for eviction after the nominations process for BB Titans week are …Yemi Cregx and Nelisa, Justin and Yvonne, Sandra and Theo and Ebubu and Tsatsii.

However, co-heads of house Blaqboi and Ipeleng used their veto power of save and replace to save Ebubu and Tsatsii and replaced them with Olivia and Juicy Jay.

This means the final housemates up for eviction are Yemi Cregx and Nelisa, Justin and Yvonne, Sandra and Theo and Olivia and Juicy Jay.

Blaqboi and Ipeleng Win Head Of House Games for BB Titans Week 2

bb titans week 2 head of house

Housemates of BB Titans played their second Head of House game with aspiring filmmaker Blaqboi and future attorney Ipeleng taking the crown.

Keeping it in true Big Brother style, the housemates gathered in the arena and were given instructions by Biggie. The HMs competed in pairs. He stated that the winning pair will be co-heads of house this week and will have full HOH privileges.

The first set of housemates (and their partners) who moved to the next stage were Juicy Jay, Blaqboi, Miracle OP, Marvin Kanaga Jnr, and Thabang.

After the final stage of activities, Blaqboi and Ipeleng emerged victorious to become co-heads of house for BB Titans second week.

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