I Can Only Stay In Ikoyi Or Banana Island In Nigeria – U.S Based BB Titans Jenni O Causes Stir

Nigerian reality television star, BB Titans Jenni O, has revealed that she can only stay in a few areas of Lagos namely Banana Island, VI or Ikoyi.

Chicago-based Jenni O revealed to fellow housemates that aside from these areas, she cannot stay anywhere else in the state, adding that even Lekki is out of her list because “Lekki f*cks with her skin.”

Jenni O made this known while in the kitchen with the rest of the housemates on Sunday morning.

She also revealed that she owns a Mercedes Benz but is planning to move on from that ride and get herself a 2023 Range Rover Sport.

She stated that if she does get her dream Range Rover Sport, she might possibly dash her mother the Mercedes Benz.

BB Titans Jenni O biography

bb titans jenni o biography

Jenni O is a Nigerian health and safety specialist and reality television star who rose to fame due to appearing on BB Titans Season 1.

The 25-year-old Nigerian hails from Imo State but is based in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

She has not revealed details about her date of birth, but it’s known that she was born in 1998.

She has one sister, Nneka Okeke, and two cousins, Chioma Tracy Nkwocha and Uchechi Nkwocha.

Jenni O is well educated. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University and a Master’s degree in Public health from the University of Georgia prior to appearing on BB Titans.

 Spontaneous and spicy, Jenni O loves to talk. She’s a colourful daredevil with opinions and no time for nonsense.

She said of her time in the house: “This is my time to shine…I feel like I’m a very open-minded individual and I am my sister’s keeper. Because even though this is a competition I am one to go ahead and give my shoulder to anybody to lean on and encourage those who need to be encouraged,”

Jenni feels like Beyonce and believes she’s already a star and the camera would love her!

BB Titans

BB Titans, the biggest and most-anticipated new Big Brother format premiered on Sunday, January 15th 2023 with 20 housemates introduced into the house, situated in South Africa.

The Big Brother Titans, the first of its kind, features contestants from Nigeria and South Africa to battle for the grand prize of $100,000 dollars.

Nigeria’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and South Africa’s Lawrence Maleke will host the show over the next three months.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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